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The Trenton Group has implemented new digital CRM software across four of its sites in North East England to reconnect with customers and boost lead conversion activity across the business. Our VoiceBox solution manages proactive interactions with consumers as they transition from sales prospect to customer and then become a focus for the Group’s aftersales function.

In July, following a successful trial, Trenton rolled out VoiceBox across all its new and used car sales operations covering three franchise brands.

“During the pandemic we, like many others, had to reassess staffing levels, and that led us to re-evaluate our internal processes. Bringing Marketing Delivery on board has allowed us to reconnect with our customers in a more consistent and sophisticated way. The software is intuitive and easy to use which makes it possible for our sales teams to successfully manage multiple enquiries at once, keeping customers engaged and moving through the sales funnel.”

Andy Woodhall, Operations Director, Trenton

In the three months since implementing the software, Trenton has already recorded 21 additional sales directly attributable to our digital tools. 16 of these sales have been via the system’s Car Alert function which alerts a customer when a vehicle comes into stock that matches their search requirements, or the price is reduced on existing relevant stock.

The remaining five sales were a result of our Lost Leads function which registers leads as lost if they have passed the four-day conversion window without a sale. The customer is contacted automatically with a tailored message, asking if they are still in the market for the specific make and model of car and opening the door to potential re-engagement. Trenton found that five of these follow up communications were successful, with the customer responding positively and ultimately purchasing a vehicle from them.

As the automotive industry struggles with increased enquiry levels and a lean supply of retail ready new and used stock, many dealers are seeing an increase in aftersales revenue and Trenton have noted the same across the group. Two months after the successful roll out of the VoiceBox Sales software, the team at Trenton piloted our VoiceBox Aftersales product and soon became the first customer to go live.

In just one month since introducing the full Aftersales package Trenton is already reaping the benefits of automation.

“VoiceBox is designed specifically for managing sales prospects and customers in an automotive setting. It is this carefully orchestrated approach, based on a holistic view of the customer and majoring on automation, that generates results time and time again.”

Jeremy Evans, Managing Director, Marketing Delivery

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