VoiceBox Sales

Keeping Retailers in Touch with their Customers

  • Nurture Enquiries

  • Increase Engagement

  • Drive Sales Performance

VoiceBox for Sales equips retailers with strategy and automation to improve conversion, and aid retention, all whilst delivering an outstanding customer experience.

  • Customisable trigger points based on client requirements

  • All messages on-brand / corporate guidelines

  • All Email and SMS messages allow the customer to reply directly

  • Fully versatile suite of messages for bespoke customer journey

  • Designed to complement existing activity, not replace

  • Trackable and measurable

Stock Alerts

Our unique Stock Alerts solution allows you to showcase your stock vehicles. With an average conversion to sale rate of 10% to prospects who couldn’t find the right vehicle initially, our fully automated Stock Alerts are a proven sales success.

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Lost Sales

In a recent analysis, 46% of ‘Lost Sale’ enquirers replied that they were still in the market for a car. Maximise every opportunity with our automated ‘Lost Sale’ communications, re-engaging again unconverted leads for you.

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Maximise your prospecting efforts! LeadBox helps retailers consolidate sales enquiries from multiple sources. Prioritise sales follow-ups using segmented call-pots or use insight to define new customer journey touch points.

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Stock Alerts

Keep existing enquiries engaged with fully-automated Stock Alerts

How it works…

Stock Alerts keep undecided car, van, or bike customers engaged. Whenever their enquiry hasn’t progressed to a sale after 7-days, the customer is auto-subscribed to receive ‘Stock Alert’ emails.

Send bespoke messages matching the customer’s requirements using pre-set criteria from their initial enquiry. Paired with daily feeds from your website provider mean ‘Stock Alert’ messages showcase the most up-to-date stock, images, and pricing.

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With an average conversion rate of 10% to prospects who couldn’t find the right vehicle initially, our fully automated Stock Alerts are a proven sales success.

  • No double-keying, uses data recorded in your existing sales process

  • Automatic stock and price updates from your website

  • Sending prospects back to your website

  • Re-engaging open leads automatically and keep them in the pipeline
  • Receive customer replies direct to your inbox

  • Instant alerts on stock clicks with key customer information

“The quality of support from the Marketing Delivery team has been first-rate. They listen and advise, and together we have quickly realised a marked improvement in the productivity of our digital marketing processes. Crucially, the high level of automation means communications are personalised – in keeping with our customer-centric approach – but we aren’t increasing the burden on our own staff.”

Sophie Heptonstall, Group Marketing Manager, Rybrook Group

Lost Sales

Are your ‘Lost Sales’ truly lost?

Find out with our fully-automated and personalised ‘Lost Sale’ follow-up messages

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How it works…

Every enquiry that has been closed off as a ‘Lost Sale’ triggers a customised message. Mark your lead as a ‘Lost Sale’, and our personalised follow-up messages take care of the rest.

Open the door to potential re-engagement, encouraging replies and driving traffic back to your site. You may be surprised by the number of leads that convert back into a ‘new’ enquiry and subsequent sale – our activity insight delivers a fully quantifiable ROI.

In a recent analysis, 46% of ‘Lost Sale’ enquirers replied that they were still in the market for a car.

Can you afford to miss out on that opportunity?

  • No double-keying, fully integrated with your customer database

  • Automated enrolment triggered by ‘Lost Sale’ flag

  • Bespoke messages personalised to your customer

  • Sending prospects back to your website

  • Receive customer replies direct to your inbox

  • Quantifiable return on

“In the first three-month period alone, a significant number of ‘lost sales’ were re-engaged through automated email contact and subsequently made a purchase. Those sales simply wouldn’t have happened without it. The ‘personalised / automated’ approach meant the usual Citygate quality was there for the consumer, but without creating a new burden on sales staff.”

Ellie Cohen, Group Marketing Manager, Citygate Automotive


Supercharge your sales process to make the most of your hottest prospects

How it works…

LeadBox is our customer and prospect contact portal designed specifically with dealerships in mind.

Aggregating leads from website and 3rd parties for enquiry response; generating “call pots” for sales campaign follow-ups.

Using LeadBox in conjunction with Stock Alerts and Lost Sales follow-ups will supercharge your sales process, guiding sales teams to contact the right prospects at the right time.

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LeadBox is a hassle-free automated solution that helps supercharge sales processes, enabling sales teams to contact those customers in prime decision-making mode.

  • Fully automated using existing data sources

  • Fully customisable to suit your objectives

  • Unlimited campaigns depending on unique needs

  • Automated sales triggers and reporting

  • Underpins customer engagement and retention

  • Quantifiable return on

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“Marketing Delivery’s software is a hassle-free automated solution that has facilitated more frequent contact with prospects and has tightened up our sales processes across the business. Our sales teams now have more time to keep on top of critical daily admin and interact with those poised to purchase. It’s a win-win solution; the business is running smoothly, and the customer is kept engaged.”

Louise Stevens, Group Marketing Manager, Lipscomb Cars

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Established in 2007, Marketing Delivery has led the way in transforming how automotive retailers communicate with their customers, embracing technology to deliver fully-automated solutions to dealerships whilst maintaining the high levels of service that their customers expect.

With headline solutions supporting car sales process and aftersales booking, our ambition is to help dealerships engage and retain their customers with personalised CRM communications to complement existing processes whilst simultaneously increasing revenue.

We work directly with dealerships and OEMs, alongside existing agencies and website providers, to boost marketing effectiveness and improve return on investment.