VoiceBox Social

Keeping Retailers in Touch with their Customers

  • Nurture Audiences

  • Increase Engagement

  • Drive Social Media Performance

VoiceBox for Social allows retailers to increase brand awareness, engage directly with customers and utilise Social Media marketing through organic posts and paid advertising.

  • Engage with your existing live leads to keep your business front of mind

  • Reach new and relevant audiences to raise awareness

  • Retain existing customers with relevant organic or paid content

  • Multi-platform approach brings all major channels into one place

  • Utilise paid advertising in Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

  • Trackable results with comprehensive reporting


Increase the exposure of your available new and used stock using our SocialStock (Automotive Inventory) Ads. Retailers can keep potential customers engaged and promote their Car, Van or Bike stock across Social Media daily.

VoiceBox Organic

Manage your Social Media accounts all in one place with our VoiceBox Organic self-serve platform. We also offer a managed Social Media content writing solution covering Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Receive social leads straight into your inbox and automatically trigger customer follow-up emails. LeadBox offers retailers a cost-effective and highly efficient way of integrating social leads into their customer communication programmes.


Keep existing enquiries engaged with fully-automated Stock Ads

How it works…

We receive your latest available vehicles from website providers daily and populate social media catalogues.

Our ‘SocialStock’ Ads (also known as Automotive Inventory Ads) are dynamic, trackable and can be used to target both existing and conquest audiences.

Paid Social Media advertising is vital for driving large volumes of traffic to dealer websites.

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38% of people would be likely to stay in touch with a dealer if they saw social media advertisements from them with similar vehicles to their search.

  • No double-keying, uses stock straight from your website

  • Automatic stock and price updates from your website

  • Sending prospects and potential customers to your website

  • Re-engaging leads automatically and keep them in the pipeline

“The quality of support from the Marketing Delivery team has been first-rate. They listen and advise, and together we have quickly realised a marked improvement in the productivity of our digital marketing processes. Crucially, the high level of automation means communications are personalised – in keeping with our customer-centric approach – but we aren’t increasing the burden on our own staff.”

Sophie Heptonstall, Group Marketing Manager, Rybrook Group

VoiceBox Organic

Engage with your audience across key social media platforms

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How it works…

Sharing organic content across multiple Social Media platforms is a fantastic, budget-friendly way to increase exposure and engagement online.

Connect your social media accounts to our self-serve scheduling platform. We also offer a managed social media content writing solution.

A diverse Social Media approach is crucial to providing the best blend of content and connectivity.

Research commissioned by Facebook shows that 31% of shoppers seek the advice of friends & family when considering a new car – and where better to share recommendations than via Social Media where they’re already connected?

  • Schedule organic content in advance

  • Report on results across four key platforms

  • Automatically add UTM tracking to all URLs

  • Draft posts for a second-eye approval process

“We use our Social Media channels as a way of keeping information flowing to our community, enabling us to effectively present offers and stock. Being able to automate that activity with Marketing Delivery has enabled us to maintain a strong local presence.”

Dean Adams, Head of Marketing & CRM, Sinclair Group


Supercharge your sales process to make the most of your hottest social media prospects

How it works…

LeadBox can record, and enable retailers to respond to, customer enquiries that are received via targeted Facebook and Instagram adverts.

LeadBox is our customer and prospect contact portal designed specifically with dealerships in mind.

Using LeadBox in conjunction with Stock Alerts and VoiceBox Organic will supercharge your processes, guiding teams to contact the right person at the right time and in the best way.

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  • Unlimited automated campaigns based on unique needs

  • Automated triggers and reporting

  • Underpins customer engagement and retention

  • Quantifiable return on investment

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“Marketing Delivery’s software is a hassle-free automated solution that has facilitated more frequent contact with prospects and has tightened up our sales processes across the business. Our sales teams now have more time to keep on top of critical daily admin and interact with those poised to purchase. It’s a win-win solution; the business is running smoothly, and the customer is kept engaged.”

Louise Stevens, Group Marketing Manager, Lipscomb Cars

Let’s Supercharge Your Social Media

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Established in 2007, Marketing Delivery has led the way in transforming how automotive retailers communicate with their customers, embracing technology to deliver fully-automated solutions to dealerships whilst maintaining the high levels of service that their customers expect.

With headline solutions supporting car sales process and aftersales booking, our ambition is to help dealerships engage and retain their customers with personalised CRM communications to complement existing processes whilst simultaneously increasing revenue.

We work directly with dealerships and OEMs, alongside existing agencies and website providers, to boost marketing effectiveness and improve return on investment.