If you’re looking to maximise the impact of your Social Media activity, you can now benefit from a fully-automated lead capture system for Facebook and Instagram.

Our ‘LeadBox’ app can record and respond to customer enquiries that are received via targeted Facebook and Instagram adverts. The app offers car dealers a cost-effective and highly efficient way of integrating Social Media leads to their customer communication programmes.

LeadBox tailors Social Media platforms existing marketing tools to ensure they work more effectively for dealers. Interactive lead generation adverts within the Facebook or Instagram platform allow prospects to complete a simple enquiry form – pre-populated with user data from their profile – without leaving the site.

The adverts enable users to record their level of interest by selecting from a range of call-to-action buttons such as ‘Learn More’ or ‘Get Quote’. When a selection is made, LeadBox will generate a lead-capture form to complete, with a one-click ‘Confirm’ option to submit their enquiry to the dealer.

Once the user has submitted a request, LeadBox automatically sends this information to the dealer’s email marketing database. At the same time, the dealer receives an automatic notification that an enquiry has been made. Leads can then be followed up directly by the sales team, and subsequently progressed through the dealer’s digital marketing programme.

We are seeing increasing demand from dealers for ‘smart automation’ in their customer communication processes. With LeadBox, we can significantly enhance automated data capture procedures by synchronising Social Media leads into a dealer’s existing CRM process.

It helps dealers better manage the growing volume of leads from Social platforms, and ensures that the process is integrated effectively within an overall marketing and data management strategy.