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Published: March 2022

Find out how Marketing Delivery helped Rybrook achieve:

✔️ 3.6% Increased Sales Conversions

✔️ 68% Email Open Rate

✔️ Reactivation and conversion of Lost Sales Prospects


The Process

The Rybrook Group, one of the largest privately-owned car dealer groups in the UK, has increased its sales conversions by 3.6% in a trial of our digital marketing tools.

Following a rigorous review of its internal customer data and sales processes, the Group researched the latest digital customer communications tools and commenced a trial of our VoiceBox Sales solution. The successful completion of this pilot phase led to a rollout across all of Rybrook’s Volvo sites, and that has now been expanded to encompass 18 of the Group’s showroom locations, also now including those retailing Jaguar Land Rover, MINI and BMW new and used cars.

The project has also encompassed a strategy to retain within the Rybrook sales funnel those customer prospects logged by dealership staff as ‘lost’; typically when an enquiry could not be converted to a sale because of failure to agree on the cost to change, or a shortage of suitable stock.

Our in-house analysis across its full dealer customer base revealed that 46% of ‘lost’ enquirers were still in the market for a car, highlighting the importance of keeping these abandoned prospects engaged. With the use of hyper-targeted email communications via our Lost Sales tool, one of Rybrook’s franchises in the pilot project achieved 57 status conversions, of which 22 converted to a sale equating to 3.6% of the total contacted. Rybrook’s other franchised sites also saw a significant uplift in sales conversions as a result of the lost lead communications.

Our targeted emails have had an average 68% open rate, 17% click-through rate, and only 2% bounce-backs, showing the value of managed digital automation.

Sophie Heptonstall, Group Marketing Manager, told us…

“The results from the pilot project really speak for themselves, and the quality of support from the Marketing Delivery team has been first-rate. They listen and advise, and together we have quickly realised a marked improvement in the productivity of our digital marketing processes.

Crucially, the high level of automation means communications are personalised – in keeping with our customer-centric approach – but we aren’t increasing the burden on our own staff.”

Following the rollout, Rybrook is soon to implement our VoiceBox Aftersales solution to support eight of its luxury-brand workshops, servicing Rolls-Royce, McLaren, and Lotus vehicles. VoiceBox Aftersales pulls data from the Group’s Keyloop DMS to ensure data integrity when a customer transitions from sales to aftersales. Having one overarching system to manage all customer interactions ensures the integrity of customer data and GDPR compliance.

This VoiceBox Aftersales system delivers personalised email and SMS communications to remind customers when their vehicle is due for a service. A recent consumer survey conducted by us found that 65% of people would make a booking with a dealership that proactively contacts them when their service or MOT is due, underlining the importance of timely customer interaction to safeguard aftersales revenues.

“Our development team works hard with every one of our customers to make sure that our software is optimised for them. We can tailor facets of our products, so they work most effectively for each customer, from multi-franchise groups like Rybrook to single-site dealerships.”

Jeremy Evans, Managing Director, Marketing Delivery

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