Lost Sales

Maximise ‘Lost Sale’ Conversions

Dynamic and Personalised eCRM

Automatic Enrolment 

Every enquiry that’s been closed-off as a ‘Lost Sale’ triggers a customised message. Simply mark your lead as a ‘Lost Sale’ and let us pick up the slack.


Open the door to potential
re-engagement, with a surprising number of leads converting back into a ‘new’ enquiry and subsequent sale.

Quantifiable ROI

In a recent analysis, 46% of ‘Lost Sale’ enquirers replied that they were still in the market for a car.

Improve Customer Retention And Increase Sales

With an average of 5-6 new incoming sales leads per day, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that hard-pressed dealership sales staff can only manage a pipeline of so many leads, before last week’s unconverted prospects fall away.

Your First Step to Better Business Results

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Across the group, we were marking many potential leads as ‘lost’, though we suspected some were still in the market for a car.

Marketing Delivery worked with us to identify how we could convert more of these apparently lost leads into sales, and the Car Alerts system provided us with the ideal solution.”


Monique Limerick

Marketing Manager at Vines Group

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