Lipscomb Cars

Published: April 2022

Find out how Marketing Delivery helped Lipscomb Cars achieve:

✔️ +70% Email Open Rates

✔️ 11% Stock Alerts Conversion Rate

✔️ Reactivation and conversion of Lost Sales Prospects


The Business

Lipscomb Cars Ltd is a privately-owned and family-run business with 6 franchises across two locations, in Canterbury and Maidstone. The group offers a range of new and used cars from various marques, including Volvo, Fiat, Abarth, Jeep, Alfa Romeo & Fiat Professional Commercial Vans.

The Challenge

Lipscomb used a customer management system that relied heavily on the manual inputting of data by sales staff. The system also offered limited support for customer follow-ups, pre-or post-sale.

Louise Stevens, Group Marketing Manager, told us…

“We have always been focused on exceeding customer expectations and going the extra mile in all areas of our business. A crucial part of this was ensuring the ‘human touch’, which is why we continued to use a manually driven process.

But as the business and the customer base grew, we felt that our ability to reach the right customers at the right time was being compromised. There are so many digital marketing tools on offer that promise to deliver more sales for less effort, but we needed a new system that could be easily implemented without re-training staff or stalling operations.”

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The Solution

Lipscomb investigated a range of automotive software providers, and Marketing Delivery was selected for an initial trial. After conducting an in-depth analysis of Lipscomb’s current customer contact plan and pain points, we proposed the use of our eCRM VoiceBox tool for sales and aftersales, alongside our Stock Alerts function.

VoiceBox Sales integrated with Lipscomb’s existing database to create automated, customised and targeted messages for its customers at key touchpoints in their sales journey, via email or SMS and in line with their GDPR preferences. Stock Alerts monitors Lipscomb’s inventory and pricing to automatically alert prospects to any relevant changes that meet their original search requirements.

In addition to VoiceBox Sales, Lipscomb chose our VoiceBox Aftersales package to help manage service reminders via automated communications, facilitating customer retention and promoting workshop efficiency.

The Outcome

✔️ Improved business efficiency

✔️ Increased customer engagement

✔️ Increased sales

By introducing VoiceBox to its sales and aftersales practices, Lipscomb’s customer management has become more effective, and sales processes have become more robust and consistent across the group.

Lipscomb found the software can be completely customised to suit the communication needs of an individual dealership or the group as a whole. With the help of VoiceBox, Lipscomb has attracted new enquiries and won back leads that had been deemed as lost under the old process.

Within three months of implementation, Lipscomb saw some standout results:

  • For sales – a 70% average open rate, and from this a 23% average click-through rate.
  • For aftersales – a strong open rate of 72%, and a 20% average click-through rate.
  • 17 replies from the lost sales forms, with six customers commenting they were still looking to purchase a vehicle.
  • Eight lost sales customers re-engaged, and four confirmed sales as a result.
  • 52 vehicle sales came from customers after receiving a Stock Alerts email. That meant 11% of those enrolled in the Stock Alerts service have now been back to purchase a vehicle as a result of the email prompt they received.

“Marketing Delivery’s software is a hassle-free automated solution that has facilitated more frequent contact with prospects and has tightened up our sales processes across the business. Our sales teams now have more time to keep on top of critical daily admin and interact with those poised to purchase. It’s a win-win solution; the business is running smoothly, and the customer is kept engaged.

We’re very impressed with the results so far, and we intend to build on this over the coming months. We’ll monitor feedback from customers to ensure we’re getting the messaging and timing right. We cannot fault the service provided by Marketing Delivery; the whole team is so knowledgeable and offer a top-class service.”

Louise Stevens, Group Marketing Manager, Lipscomb

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