Vines Group

Published: July 2022

Find out how Marketing Delivery helped Vines Group:

✔️ Achieve 59 more sales

✔️ Increase sales conversion rates to nearly 7%

✔️ Implement digital tools to help nurture Bike leads

✔️ See a return on investment of 2,039%


The Business

As bike season gathers momentum, Vines Group, a BMW Motorrad retailer based in Surrey, has utilised our bespoke digital marketing software to boost their conversion rates, contributing to 59 bike sales over a seven-month period at an average profit of £571 per unit. Vines’ above-average conversion rate of nearly 7% is directly attributable to our highly targeted, automated Stock Alerts email messages, which keep prospects aware of relevant new and used stock as soon as it arrives.

The Solution

Vines implemented our VoiceBox software to send out Bike Alert emails to its growing number of prospects who couldn’t immediately secure a new or used bike that met their requirements. Existing customers with bikes older than a year that had recently had a service with Vines also received a communication suggesting a new bike similar to the one they already own.

Monique Limerick, Group Marketing Manager, explains…

“Enquiry levels have doubled since December, yet the lack of stock made it challenging to keep the expanding prospect list engaged.”

“Investing in the new software immediately delivered positive results. We only input customer information once, and it seamlessly takes care of the rest. Crucially though, the enquiry customisation options mean customers feel valued and can find out more or get in touch at the click of a button. Digital-savvy consumers clearly prefer this type of interaction, and that’s evident in the incredible 13 per cent click-through rate these emails have received.”

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The Outcome

✔️ Improved business efficiency

✔️ Increased customer engagement

✔️ Increased sales

  • 872 customers were identified as credible targets for Bike Alerts
  • After receiving at least one automated email, 59 converted to a sale creating an impressive return on investment of 2,039%

This equates to an above-average conversion rate of 6.8%, compared to a respectable 4.7% conversion rate for the same solution that is deployed for Vines car sales operation.

The new software has also amplified Vines’ social media presence and driven website traffic, at the cost of only nine pence per click. Over a seven-month period, 88,879 Facebook and Instagram users were exposed to specific adverts. 12,045 of those clicked on the social media advert to view the bike on the Vines website, showing the value of targeted messages for the right audience at the right time.


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