TMS Motor Group 

Published: March 2022

Find out how Marketing Delivery helped TMS Motor Group:

✔️ Reactivate and convert ‘Lost Sales’ Prospects

✔️ Efficiently manage increased numbers of enquiries

✔️ Maintain personal relationships with customers

The Business

TMS Motor Group is a family-owned and -run dealer group based in the heart of England. It represents two volume brands, selling new and used vehicles, across five showrooms in Coventry, Hinckley and Leicester.

Since taking over its first dealership in 2006, TMS has grown steadily and picked up a host of awards that are testament to the consistently high levels of customer service that have become core to their operating philosophy.

TMS has recently gained Electric Vehicle Accreditation, which recognises a dealers’ expertise in the EV sector and promotes industry standards.

The Challenge

As TMS’ reputation and physical presence grew, the business found itself dealing with a vastly increased number of enquiries for both new and used stock.

Essentially, the group had outgrown the admin-heavy manual processes for customer communication that had hitherto been relied upon, and it was deemed time for a new approach that was less reliant on ongoing input from the sales team.

TMS was keen to maintain the personal relationships with customers. The team sought a solution that served four fundamental purposes: retain the ‘human’ character to communications for which the business was renowned; relieve the administrative burden on sales staff; unify customer records and leads across all sites; and increase sales.

“Our customers are the lifeblood of our business, and a friendly, family-run approach has ensured we instil trust and maximise loyalty. We were keen not to lose that personal connection, but also wanted to modernise our communications and attract new customers to the Group.”
Tom Hallows, Director, TMS Motor Group


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The Solution

On the recommendation of another retailer, TMS approached us to find a solution that would satisfy the varied specific requirements of the business.

Following an in-depth analysis of the current systems in place, and giving careful consideration to TMS’ strategic goals, we implemented a trial of VoiceBox Sales, including Car Alerts and VoiceBox Social. This automotive-specific software links with the group’s existing CRM solution, and could therefore be implemented swiftly without the need to build new databases.

The Outcome

The trial at one of the TMS sites quickly highlighted a number of benefits to both sales staff and customers. As a result, the software was rolled out across all five of TMS’ sites in central England, delivering rapid return on investment.

Our Sales software keeps the customer engaged via bespoke communication at carefully selected points throughout the sales process. Customer data is logged in the usual way on TMS’ systems, recording contact information, vehicle search criteria and GDPR preferences.

Our seamless interface then automatically pulls the information from the database and emails the customer to inform them of any relevant changes in stock or price. If the customer clicks on the email to find out more, the dealer is alerted in real-time and can reach out to the client, forearmed with relevant information.

Crucially, the software continues to interact with the customer behind the scenes, preventing mismanaged leads and lost sales. TMS data from Q3 2021 showed that 25% of customers that were already marked as ‘lost’ were actively still searching for their next vehicle and, with the support of VoiceBox Sales, 65% of these customers were re-engaged and converted to a sale.

“Marketing Delivery’s software has revolutionised our sales process, both for staff and customers. It complements but does not replace the crucial personal experience we aim to give our customers. In fact, it allows us to do more, including post-sale interaction and feedback. This has been invaluable as it is through customer feedback that we can improve.

In parallel to this customer feedback, Marketing Delivery provide us with quarterly performance reports, which allow us to see easily how the Group is performing and quickly adapt as necessary. This investment in digital marketing has been a game-changer for our business.”

Tom Hallows, Director , TMS Motor Group

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