Shift to Digital: Motor Retail In A Changing World

Published: October 2021

We have compiled a new report examining how potential car buyers prefer to engage with dealerships for sales and aftersales based on the results of our industry research. Our ‘Shift to Digital: Motor Retail In A Changing World’ report also includes input from leading dealers, exploring how they have adapted their digital strategies in response to the challenges of showroom closures.

Sections of ‘Shift to Digital’ are based on the findings of a major consumer survey, which found that potential customers have much higher expectations of how quickly dealers will respond to enquiries during the pandemic. For example, 65% say they expect dealers to respond more quickly to their emails.

The report’s survey also highlights some important positives – 33% of motorists say they are now more seriously considering the purchase of a car, thanks to their reduced household expenditure in 2020. Among Londoners, this figure is even higher (54%).

The UK’s primary legislative regions – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – have sometimes taken very different approaches to dealing with the pandemic, and the report examines the distinct regional differences in consumers’ attitudes towards the car buying process and how they prefer to communicate with car dealers and workshops.

“The report underlines how technology can help dealers meet the fast-changing expectations of consumers. Digital tools make it possible to engage with large numbers of existing customers and prospects – for sales and aftersales – without abandoning the personalised service and customer relationship-building that has served car retailers so well for so long.

Adopting flexible, programmatic tools help engage customers automatically, but still on a personal level and taking account of their particular circumstances and needs.” 

Jeremy Evans, Managing Director , Marketing Delivery

Tailored Automated Responses for Sales and Aftersales Enquiries with VoiceBox

By integrating electronic customer relationship management (eCRM) technology into their contact strategy, dealers can reduce the time and labour required to reach out to interested buyers, while boosting their chances of converting prospects into sales.

Our VoiceBox Sales system uses mobile-responsive emails, SMS and social media messages to help dealers respond instantly to customers with relevant automated messages that are tailored to customers’ individual enquiries.


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