Introducing: MOTBox

Published: September 2021

MOTBox is a new digital tool to help UK vehicle workshops identify and target all customers whose vehicle MOT is due soon. MOTBox, now available for franchised and independent workshops in the UK, helps users maximise aftersales retention as they prepare for record volumes of MOT tests this autumn.

MOTBox can quickly cross-check a workshop’s entire customer database against more than 30 million MOT records held by the UK’s Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). It automatically identifies customers in the workshop’s database who own a vehicle over three years old with an upcoming MOT due date.

It produces a data extract at the click of a button, helping dealers target potential MOT customers with reminders and aftersales marketing messages in a GDPR-compliant way.

The tool could have a significant impact on conversion rates. We surveyed motorists across the UK and found that 60% were more likely to book aftersales work with a workshop that sends them a timely reminder ahead of a service or MOT due date.

“Following record vehicle sales in March 2017 and several months of MOT extensions during the coronavirus lockdown period, autumn 2020 will see more MOTs due in the UK than at any time in history. This new tool is part of our strategy to help workshops of all shapes and sizes to retain valuable MOT custom and maximise service bay utilisation.

Data is increasingly important to the effective operation of a modern workshop, and MOTBox helps businesses maintain and leverage up-to-date aftersales records to improve their bottom line.” 

Jeremy Evans, Managing Director, Marketing Delivery

Software tailored to each dealer and workshop

The new solution can be tailored to the needs of any individual site or dealer group to integrate directly with their dealer management system (DMS).

DMS integration means dealers and workshops using MOTBox can easily review and augment records with MOT dates and scheduled servicing due dates, for all customer records on file. It also enables workshops to issue automated MOT or service reminders to customers at set intervals to help instigate and manage aftersales custom.

Additionally, MOTBox can be tailored for those dealers and workshops who operate a standalone or manually updated MOT database, helping them draw on the latest DVSA MOT data to help them identify and attract more aftersales custom.

MOTBox can be operated as a standalone piece of software, or as an add-on to our popular VoiceBox Aftersales system.

VoiceBox Aftersales: helping dealers to generate and retain more aftersales business

MOTBox integrates with our VoiceBox Aftersales system. This helps dealers and workshops engage customers with mobile-responsive email, SMS and social media messages.

The VoiceBox Aftersales platform is designed to enhance aftersales retention by sending automated marketing messages and MOT and service reminders to potential aftersales customers. It can also help dealers track customer responses to aftersales marketing, helping service teams to target future campaigns even more effectively.

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