Sandown Group’s eCRM Activity Increases ‘Lost Sale’ Conversions By 222%

Published: November 2022

The Sandown Group, one of the UK’s leading Mercedes-Benz retail groups and a long-term client of ours, has achieved a 222% increase in the number of leads marked as ‘lost’ by staff that are subsequently converted to a sale, thanks to an enhancement to their eCRM process. Sandown utilises our Lost Sales messages and our Stock Alerts solution – which alerts prospective customers about relevant stock via automated emails.

Customer enquiries are often defined as ‘lost’ by dealer staff if a suitable car make and model is unavailable – a common occurrence given the ongoing industry-wide stock shortages. However, Sandown has used our VoiceBox system to automatically email those ‘lost’ prospects as soon as a suitable model becomes available, which has profoundly impacted overall conversion rates over the last six months!

Keith Jackman, Head of Marketing & CRM at Sandown Group, told us…

Stock shortages stop us from converting business as quickly as we would like, and it also creates an ongoing admin burden for sales staff – if we don’t want to give up on a lead, we have to keep checking and rechecking whether it can be fulfilled. The automation that VoiceBox offers takes all of that burden away, tracking the stock situation for us and issuing a tailored communication to the customer in a timely fashion. It’s kept large numbers of prospects in our sales funnel and is making a real difference to our monthly numbers.

The team at Marketing Delivery works hard to ensure we develop the right customer journey and achieve the best results. The results speak for themselves.

Stock Alerts

Stock Alerts keep undecided Car, Van or Bike customers engaged. Whenever their enquiry hasn’t progressed to a sale after 7-days or is marked as ‘Lost’, the customer is auto-subscribed to receive a ‘Stock Alert’ email.

We receive a daily feed from your website provider, meaning our Stock Alerts messages have the most up-to-date stock, including image or price amends. Customers subsequently receive bespoke messages based on their enquiry. Stock Alerts are a proven sales success with an average conversion rate of 10% to prospects who couldn’t find the right vehicle initially.

Lost Sales

Every enquiry that’s been closed off as a ‘Lost Sale’ also triggers a customised message along the lines of ‘Sorry we couldn’t help’. Mark your lead as a Lost Sale and let us pick up the slack. Open the door to potential re-engagement, with a surprising number of leads converting back into a ‘new’ enquiry and subsequent sale. In a recent analysis, 46% of ‘Lost Sale’ enquirers replied that they were still in the market for a car.

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