The Power Of Using SMS
To Boost Used Stock

Published: July 2022

Recent SMMT data confirmed that June saw new car registrations fall by 24.3% compared to the same time last year. An unwelcome by-product is significant disruption to the influx of part-exchange vehicles, and some dealers are now looking to their existing customer base to boost used stock levels.

One franchised retailer of premium-brand cars with a network of dealerships has used our marketing solutions to deliver a dedicated SMS campaign to entice customers back in and has seen remarkable results.

An SMS communication might be a lot shorter than other methods at 160 characters, but it is more immediate than other communications such as email. The dealer group used our VoiceBox software to automatically send a simple, GDPR-compliant text message to all contacts in its database who, given their stage in the ownership cycle, might be open to a change of vehicle.

The campaign generated:

  • 780 leads during a three-week period
  • Of which 132 progressed to positive customer interactions with sales staff
  • Of the 132 enquiries, 13 then sold their car back to the dealership – a 10% conversion rate, hitting the Group’s target

We consistently find SMS to be a direct and highly effective form of communication as part of a multi-media process for engaging with car, van and bike customers regardless of budget, location or vehicle age. Whilst emails have their place in communicating more in-depth messages, a concise SMS message that really grabs attention can provide an easy response and immediate delivery.

It works for boosting used stock, so what other revenue streams could benefit from an SMS campaign?

Contact us for more information on how we can help you boost Used Stock with Email and SMS communications.

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