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Published: January 2022

Find out how Marketing Delivery helped Sandown Mercedes-Benz:

✔️ Automatically cross-check their CRM data against DVSA records

✔️ Seamlessly update their DMS database

✔️ Contact customers via email with a well-timed MOT reminder


The Process

The Sandown Group, one of the UK’s leading Mercedes-Benz retail groups, has become the first to integrate the Keyloop DMS with our digital marketing tools. The Group united data across the two systems in July 2021, and is crediting the move with an upturn in conversions and customer retention in aftersales.

Following Sandown’s pilot integration project, made possible by us joining Keyloop’s international Partner Programme last summer, the software has been implemented at all 13 of its Mercedes-Benz (car and van) and smart locations across Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Dorset and Wiltshire.

Sandown has worked with Marketing Delivery for the past seven years and is relying on the new Keyloop integration to underpin an increase in digital interaction with customers and prospects, and to facilitate greater automation within its aftersales marketing processes.

Sandown uses tailored versions of our MOTBox and PreferenceBox software. Keyloop integration means Sandown doesn’t need to manually check every MOT date to see if it is correct. The system automatically cross-checks the dealer CRM data against DVSA records and updates the DMS database, then contacts the customer via email with a well-timed reminder.

“The MOT integration has been a massive help and saved an enormous amount of time within our contact centre. The need to check every MOT date and customer information is no longer necessary. Our reminders are now much more accurate – right message, right time.

We cannot fault Marketing Delivery and its products, which have provided invaluable support across our network throughout the pandemic. After a quick call, we were able to easily amend our personalised email campaigns. Where other products either kept sending outdated messages or simply turned off, we were able to clearly communicate to our customers throughout the prolonged showroom closures.

The level of reporting that Marketing Delivery provides is also key to our continued success. It allows us to see who we have and haven’t contacted, update records and keep accurate GDPR compliant data to improve the customer experience.”

Keith Jackman, Head of Marketing & CRM, Sandown Group

Building On Proven Marketing Delivery Solutions

Our recent research revealed that since the start of the Covid outbreak, the purchase cycle has shortened dramatically, with the period from enquiry to transaction falling, on average, from 16 to just six days. By using our Car Alerts tool and drawing on data retained within its Dealerweb showroom system, Sandown can automatically notify prospects about used stock relevant to their enquiry, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

In addition, our Lost Sales solution is driving Sandown’s conversions for new and used car sales. If a lead is marked as ‘lost’ by sales staff because a sale cannot be concluded, the prospect stays within the system and is contacted again automatically should another vehicle matching their requirements become available.

The Outcome

Marketing Delivery data illustrates that 46% of prospects marked as lost were actually still in the market for a car.

During 2021, Sandown sold over 200 extra cars to customers who were a part of the eCRM cycle and received Car Alert emails. This equates to an 11% conversion rate. Prior to the sale, these customers had either been open enquires for more than seven days or marked as lost by the sales team.


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