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Find out how Marketing Delivery helped Heritage Automotive:

✔️ Streamline their sales process with digital functionality

✔️ Automate key touchpoints during the customer journey 

✔️ Preserve the link between customer and dealer through timely, transparent and personalised messaging


The Business

The Heritage Automotive Group has seen rapid growth over its 25 years and now represents eight volume car and van brands across the private and commercial, new and used sectors. Acquisition of Blade Motorcycles further boosted the portfolio, with the addition of nine motorcycle brands.

Throughout its quarter-century in the business, Heritage Automotive has always taken great care to nurture those personal relationships that convert to sales and repeat business. The new eCRM platform will integrate with its existing DMS and showroom management systems, streamlining the sales process with digital functionality that tailors customer communications to their specific requirements.

The Solution

Heritage Automotive has refreshed its customer contact plan with the introduction of a specialist digital enquiry management system that enhances customers interactions at all stages of the sales pipeline.

Following a successful pilot at its Bristol site, Heritage Automotive is to implement the electronic customer relationship management (eCRM) platform at all of its 33 sites across the South West. The VoiceBox system, developed by us, will automate certain touchpoints during the customer journey in a more consistent, personalised and timely way.

VoiceBox will provide an automated ‘safety net’ of communications by email with prospective customers, allowing sales staff to concentrate on the ‘live’ enquiries nearer the point of order.

Zena Kite, Head of Marketing tells us…

“Our sales staff make it their goal to understand the motivations of each customer, and with the loss of face-to-face interaction due to the pandemic, good communication has never been more crucial. The introduction of Marketing Delivery’s VoiceBox eCRM system comes at a perfect time for Heritage.

March is always a busy month, and we have continued to see strong sales enquiries throughout lockdown. We are excited about the new opportunities this system will bring to Heritage Automotive and our loyal customers as we begin to open our showrooms again.”

An integral feature of the digital platform is Car Alerts, which automatically contacts a prospect via email when a vehicle matching their original search criteria comes into stock or prices change on existing stock.

The system helps preserve the link between customer and dealer through timely, transparent and personalised messaging. Furthermore, if the recipient clicks on the email alert, the system informs Heritage sales staff, who can then reach out to the customer and continue the dialogue in person.

Did You Know…

Recent research conducted by us found that 36% of ‘lost leads’ were still in the market for a vehicle and stock availability was the primary reason for not completing a purchase. The same survey revealed that had they been informed of stock changes, 57% of customers would re-engage with the dealer to continue their search for the right vehicle. These figures underline the importance of quality customer-dealer interaction.

“Lockdown has forced many consumers to shop differently, and this is no different for the automotive industry. Buyers are increasingly comfortable with digital dealer communications, so incorporating a robust eCRM into a contact strategy now will pay dividends in the future. Heritage is taking steps to standardise processes while maintaining a personalised approach – it’s a model for how it should be done by all groups grappling with digital communications for multiple sites and brands.”

Jeremy Evans, Managing Director, Marketing Delivery

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