Devonshire Motors

Published: October 2021

Find out how Marketing Delivery helped Devonshire Motors:

✔️ Automate internal sales processes while retaining a personal touch

✔️ Build and maintain lasting relationships with its customers

✔️ Use targeting tools to reach relevant audiences on Social Media


The Business

Devonshire Motors has implemented a new digital enquiry management system to better meet its customers’ expectations of a modern car-buying process.

The multi-award-winning Mitsubishi dealership in Barnstaple, Devon has introduced a new electronic customer relationship management (eCRM) platform from Marketing Delivery. The new platform will enable the dealer to embed digital functionality within its sales and marketing process, helping sales staff nurture larger volumes of enquiries in a targeted and personalised way.

Devonshire Motors new eCRM system will support its centralised booking system in managing enquiries received via multiple online sources. The dealership relies on this booking system to process all enquiries for sales and aftersales, helping the business build and maintain lasting relationships with its customers.

Nathan Tomlinson, Dealer Principal, told us…

“Marketing Delivery’s systems will allow us to automate many of our internal sales processes, crucially while also retaining the personal touch that we pride ourselves on. As we have grown, we have developed best practice processes for customer communications and lead management, but there comes a point when some customer contact has to be automated to cope with further growth. Marketing Delivery’s eCRM platform means that we can introduce a level of automation while, most importantly, keeping our customers’ communications personal.”

In addition to its new eCRM system, Devonshire Motors already uses our SocialStock platform. This enables the dealer to automatically maintain an up-to-date Facebook ‘product catalogue’, populated by a stock feed taken directly from the Devonshire Motors website. The system makes it easy for sales staff to populate organic and paid-for adverts, and use targeting tools to promote posts to relevant audiences.

“We are really pleased to be working with Devonshire Motors and are looking forward to quickly generating incremental sales and invaluable customer feedback for them. Devonshire Motors places great importance on maintaining a personal approach in its dealing with customers, and the latest eCRM tools will enable them to automate certain processes while keeping up the highly personalised approach that their customers love. With buyers increasingly comfortable with digital dealer communications, incorporating eCRM into a contact strategy now will pay dividends in the future.”

Jeremy Evans, Managing Director, Marketing Delivery

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