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On average, 40% of MOT dates held on a dealer DMS are out of date.

Are you manually pulling MOT due date updates from the DVSA or not looking at this at all?

Integrate with the DVSA

How focused are you on MOT date accuracy? MOTBox underpins aftersales success by continuously cross-checking a retailer’s entire customer database for accuracy against more than 30 million MOT records held by the DVSA.

MOT Reminders

Send your MOT reminders at the right time, every time, with instant updates from MOTBox. Plug directly into VoiceBox Aftersales or take advantage of our Keyloop Approved Partner status to seamlessly update your DMS.

Data Driven Marketing

A consumer survey conducted by Marketing Delivery found that over 70% of people would make a booking with a dealership or workshop that proactively contacts them via email or text when their MOT is due.

How does MOTBox work?

MOTBox connects with the DVSA database and cross-references the MOT due date on record for vehicles over three years old.

Any inaccuracies are updated in VoiceBox, enabling the correct timing of customer reminders by email or SMS. As a Keyloop Approved Partner, MOTBox can also push updates back into the Keyloop DMS.

Timely, automated communication drives customer retention.

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Our consumer survey results revealed that 70% of motorists said they ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’ that they would be more likely to book their car in for a service or MOT with a dealer that monitors the date on which it is due and makes the effort to contact them about it in advance.

  • Fully automated using existing DMS data

  • Pre-filled webforms for booking requests

  • Enhanced data accuracy with DVSA updates

  • Effortless customer booking experience

  • Mobile responsive MOT reminder emails and SMS

  • Simplified aftersales

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“We have seen a marked increase in bookings since introducing MOTBox, and it has freed up our outbound sales agents to make other calls. A further significant benefit is that it has allowed us to even out our resources across the year, maintain workshop efficiencies and reduce downtime.”

Dave Tindall, Group Marketing Manager, Ocean Automotive

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