Foray Motor Group

Published: May 2023

Find out how Marketing Delivery helped Foray Motor Group:

✔️ Confirm 52 Sales Renewal Appointments

✔️ Achieve an Impressive Conversion Rate of 6.5% from Outbound Prospecting

✔️ Improve the Quality of Their Customer Data

The Business

Foray Motor Group is a leading Ford franchise group with nearly 25 years’ experience of selling new and used Ford cars and vans. The company operates nine dealerships across the South of England: Andover, Bridgwater, Chard, Dorchester, Poole, Shaftesbury, Salisbury, Taunton and Yeovil.

The Challenge

Foray found that many customers wanted to upgrade to a new model, on average, every two to three years, and tracking and acting on these opportunities in a productive way was a laborious and time-intensive process.

Simon Moulton, Managing Director comments…

“We wanted to make sure we were keeping in contact with our customers, at specific moments, to enquire whether the car they own is still right for them. Maintaining a regular dialogue with customers is vital to making sure we understand their circumstances and identify potential future sales opportunities.”

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The Solution

Foray wanted to ensure it kept in regular contact with customers and prospects to ensure the accuracy of its data, keep on top of consents, and reach out in a targeted way at the most appropriate times. The company investigated a range of automotive software providers to assist and opted to trial Marketing Delivery’s software, largely due to its unique ability to manage sales and aftersales customers, its two-way communication capability, and its certified and customisable links to third-party data feeds.

Following the trial, Foray implemented Marketing Delivery’s VoiceBox and LeadBox software. The new tools keep on top of the purchase cycle for each customer, ensuring they are contacted at the right time and automating key elements of the personalised interaction.

At 22 and 34 months after purchase, VoiceBox generates an automated email to the customer to mark the purchase anniversary and ask if they would like to be contacted about upgrading their car.

The LeadBox software then separates Foray’s clients into pre-defined ‘call pots’ to make the workload more manageable for the sales executive making the calls and help them prioritise client follow-up as appropriate.

These ‘pots’ are:

• 22 months post-purchase

• 34 months post-purchase

• Call-back request

• Second call (if the first call was missed)

Because LeadBox is completely customisable, Marketing Delivery creates ‘sub-pots’ for Foray to further analyse the outcome of calls. Foray chose to introduce sub-pots to filter the customers into those that had ‘bought elsewhere’ (and therefore marked as ‘lost’) or were ‘not ready for a new car’ (and therefore marked for an automated follow-up at a later date).

Proactive outreach is also helping Foray better identify those ad hoc sales opportunities resulting from changes in customers’ personal circumstances. It’s a well-proven approach; in a recent survey commissioned by Facebook, 89% of consumers aged 18-34 said one of the main reasons they purchased a vehicle was due to a change in personal circumstances.

The Outcome

Over a six-month period between October 2022 and March 2023, the system selected 793 customers for outbound contact, of which 52 made a booking to come into the showroom, an impressive conversion rate of 6.5%.

The calls also helped improve the quality of Foray’s customer data, meaning that future campaigns and calls would be better tailored to the individual client.

Moulton said: “Marketing Delivery’s software works in perfect unison with our existing processes. We have been able to improve efficiency across the business, keep our records up to date and improve the quantity and quality of our leads.”

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