5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Social Media

Published: March 2022

1. Audit Your Profiles

Sometimes information can change, such as opening hours or contact details, and often it’s just a case of fresh eyes. Your Social Media platforms may be the first exposure you have with a potential customer, so it’s essential to keep your details up to date and your profiles looking as good as possible.

Your audit should cover all of your accounts, with close attention to:

• Profile Pictures and Cover Photos

• Contact Details

• Bio / Descriptions

• Pinned Posts

It’s also worth noting down how many followers you have across each platform on a regular basis to monitor growth or decline.

2. Conduct Competitor Research

If you feel like your content is getting a bit stale and you’re looking to freshen things up for Spring, then have a nosey at what your competitors are up to on their Social Media channels. This isn’t to say that they’re doing anything better than you are, but you may find some inspiration. Furthermore, consider looking at similar businesses that aren’t competitors or other areas of your industry too.

3. Hashtag Research

It’s always worth checking your hashtags frequently to ensure you’re getting the best exposure. Websites such as ‘hashtagify.me’ will help you see what hashtags are popular, and other related ones to use in your posts. Additionally, some Social Media scheduling platforms will provide feedback on the quality/reach of each hashtag used, which will help influence your posts going forward.

Don’t forget that hashtags are commonly utilised across all platforms these days, not just Twitter and Instagram! However, each platform will have its own magic number of recommended hashtags so tailor your posts accordingly.

4. Security Check

Take a look at who has access to manage your accounts, such as Facebook or LinkedIn. For example, if there are any ex-employees, be sure to remove these and maintain suitable access levels for others.

For Social Media platforms with a single username and password, consider updating your password and being selective about whom you share it with. It’s too easy to lose track of who can access your accounts, and this will leave your business vulnerable.

5. Try Something New

Whether it’s an Instagram Reel or going live on TikTok – it’s time to get creative and leave your comfort zone. If you think your content needs a Spring clean, then it’s possible that your audience has also become unengaged. However, if you share something a bit different, this will change.

Add A Seasonal Touch To Your Content

Once you’ve finished your Spring clean, it’s time to think about how you can make your content feel suitable for the season. This isn’t just for Spring, but all year round!

There are three easy ways to do this: emojis, imagery and terminology.

Of course, it’s essential that you stay on brand and only use emojis if they are appropriate to your audience (and you know exactly what they’re representing). However, they are a great way to add context to your copy and give posts a seasonal touch… 🌼 ☀️🍂❄️

Our favourite Spring emojis include:


Furthermore, each season has certain things associated with it, such as changing weather, flowers, and national holidays – for instance.

Take Spring as an example, the clock change brings lighter evenings and warmer weather (sometimes!), we see more flowers bloom and celebrate Easter. With this in mind, start to use brighter images with a real ‘spring’ feel.

Similar to the above, certain words or phrases can be associated with each season. Autumn, for example, is all about being ‘cosy’, whereas Spring is ‘fresh’. Where possible (and on-brand), start to weave some seasonal keywords into your content to help it appear topical – even if you did write and schedule it way in advance!

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