Redline Specialist Cars is an independent prestige, performance and supercar dealer in Knaresborough, established 22 years ago. The 14th largest independent retailer in the UK (in 2020), Redline has witnessed significant growth in recent years.

The problem facing Redline during the UK’s coronavirus lockdown will be a familiar one for many franchised and independent dealers. With most of its team furloughed and the showroom closed during this period, Redline was still receiving the same high level of enquiry volumes as they were pre-lockdown – around 600 to 800 per month.

With prestige car buyers using the lockdown period to research their next vehicle, and Redline operating a skeleton sales team, the dealership didn’t have the manpower to capture and follow up on leads in the traditional manner. Nor was it able to maintain the kind of tailored, personalised response to customers and prospects that had long been core to the company’s highly professional sales philosophy.

Redline has worked with Marketing Delivery since the start of 2019, using the supplier’s ‘Sales CRM’ and ‘Car Alerts’ electronic customer relationship management (eCRM) software to drive engagement and lead conversion from phone, email and walk-in enquires.

The use of Marketing Delivery’s automated software meant Redline was quickly able to adapt its sales practices to ensure none of its considerable number of enquiries slipped through the net. Not only that, but they enabled the retailer to give waiting customers the best possible service in response to their enquiries, even when staff were furloughed.

Helping fill this void, Marketing Delivery’s Sales CRM system enables Redline’s sales department to implement email campaigns which, though fully automated, incorporate content tailored for each recipient, nurturing existing enquiries and increasing sales conversions.

“The lockdown put us in a position where high-quality automation of customer contact suddenly became incredibly important to us. As a business, we are proud of our hard-earned 4.9-star Google rating from customers, and engaging prospective buyers with personalised emails meant we could continue making them feel valued.

The vast majority of our customers already communicate with us over the phone or via email, rather than visiting the showroom, and many have a clear idea of the exact car and specification they’re looking for. For those customers who were unable to find their perfect car, we used the Car Alerts software to sign these prospects up to automated, GDPR-compliant email updates. Car Alerts helps us automatically share details of newly arrived vehicle stock that matched a buyer’s initial enquiry.

Marketing Delivery’s systems have shouldered a significant burden for us, keeping customers interested and engaged throughout the lockdown period. By focusing more on the use of digital tools and personalised, automated communications, it meant we were in a really strong position when we opened doors again in June.”

John Graeme, Finance Director at Redline Specialist Cars

As a result of its focus on eCRM and automated digital communications during the lockdown period, Redline put itself in prime position to bounce back when the doors to its showroom reopened after the lockdown. In fact, the retailer recorded its best-ever month for sales volumes in June, with more than 200 cars sold – a landmark figure for a dealer that, under normal conditions, sells around 150 cars a month.

What’s more, Redline made it through the lockdown period with its 4.9-star Google rating intact, thanks to placing automation at the heart of its sales processes to keep customers updated.

The Process

We believe every single customer enquiry deserves to be acknowledged and nurtured by a series of personalised communications, from point of initial enquiry through to order confirmation and beyond.

  • Automated and Personalised Email Suite
  • Dynamic and Targeted Social Media Marketing

  • Weekly, Monthly And Quarterly Results

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