Social Media Management

While eCRM has proven hugely successful, if dealers want to keep up with the ever-changing and increasingly competitive online environment, they’ll need to be doing more. Enter: Social Media.

Facebook and Instagram advertising allows dealers to target and engage directly with all relevant users according to their location and search preferences when investigating a potential new car purchase.

A key benefit of Social Media is the personalisation of lead management. Using tracking and targeting tools on social platforms, Marketing Delivery can help dealers communicate with customers looking for particular marques and models, to deliver an unrivalled personalised experience for the customer. For example, our SocialStock product acts as a ‘silent salesperson’, streamlining the processes of following up on engagement and promoting new stock to existing prospects via Social Media.

We have proven success in increasing page likes, website referrals and brand awareness. With regular measurement of key metrics such as Reach, Engaged Users and Website Referrals we ensure Social Media is used to enhance online reputation and reach an engaged, relevant audience.

VoiceBox Social

The collaborative method of integrating local and national content provides a constantly evolving feed of vital information for the customer.  The strategy encourages the growth of “organic” reach through a time-bound feed of tweets, posts, likes and comments.

This is crucial for the growth of a business and our VoiceBox platform enables us to cover multiple platforms via Network Groups with a mix of imagery and video.  A diverse Social Media approach is designed to provide the best blend of content and connectivity for the customer.

Social Media enables people to connect for pleasure and business thus developing and maintaining relationships with your audience.  This is activated by engaging your customers and audience and providing personal two-way conversation which will build trust, loyalty, reputation and subsequent prospects whilst incorporating a ripple effect which will be imperative for results-driven growth.


We have launched an online platform to make marketing across Social Media channels simpler and more effective. SocialStock is suitable for individual solus-brand sites, as well as for large, geographically distributed dealer groups with many sites and brands.

SocialStock integrates a number of Social Media management and reporting tools, all developed specifically for motor retailers. These include a stock remarketing tool, social media advertising tools, and LeadBox – an automated lead capture system for Facebook and Instagram. Retailers can specify how many tools they deploy, and for which sites and brands, to suit their requirements and resources.


LeadBox allows us to capture Leads on Facebook or Instagram and add them straight into an e-CRM Mailing List. When a Lead is captured we send an alert instantly to the Dealership so the Sales Team can respond straight away. Learn more about LeadBox here.

Logged Leads are then added to our Sales CRM Cycle, learn more about CRM here.

Social Media

Data Driven Marketing is at the heart of everything we do, including Social Media. We can target your existing customers, and new enquiries, with social advertising, throughout the customer journey, including aftersales retention. And with the latest conquest and remarketing techniques, we can build unique audiences based on your existing customer profiles to increase new business penetration across defined market areas.

Our flexible, multi-step retention programme uses DMS data to remind customers of key service and MOT dates, VHC “amber” work and offer seasonal or mid-service healthchecks.

MOTBox connects to DVSA and can find and update the MOT due date of every vehicle on the road today. With the Keyloop Partner Programme, our systems can update DMS records.

Buying the car is just the first step, our Aftersales communication passes buyers over to the Service Department so that their needs are met by the dealership from Sale onwards.


VoiceBox Aftersales

Getting data quality right is the key fundamental to retaining customers and to building the foundation for increased future sales. Our VoiceBox marketing platform delivers significant uplifts in aftersales retention and revenue.

In a recent analysis of over 2,000 showroom sales enquiries, we identified that top-performing dealerships achieved an average sales conversion rate of 31.3% – significantly outperforming the industry average of one-in-four.

And from our lead tracking analysis, we could also see that 80% to 85% of all incoming enquiries were closed within the first 4-days of their showroom visit. So what happens to those ‘hot leads’ that are not converted in this initial 4-day window and how can you maximise ‘Lost Sale’ opportunities?

The major reason behind ‘Lost Sales’

With an average of 3-5 new incoming sales leads per week, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that hard-pressed dealership sales staff can only manage a pipeline of so many leads, before last week’s unconverted prospects fall away – and are left without any meaningful follow-up!

And this is precisely the area where these ‘high conversion’ dealerships maximise their chances of converting every possible sales opportunity.

Every enquiry that’s been closed-off as a ‘Lost Sale’ triggers a customised message that opens the door to potential
re-engagement, with a surprising number converting back into a ‘new’ enquiry and subsequent sale (in a recent campaign, 46% of ‘Lost Sale’ enquirers replied that they were still in the market for a car!)

Lost Sales

Our Lost Sale CRM service renews contact with those enquiries that have been marked as ‘lost’, re-engaging and converting opportunities back into live prospects and additional sales conversions.

Car Alerts were designed to keep undecided ‘approved used car’ customers engaged whenever their enquiry hasn’t progressed to a sale after 7-days, at which point the customer is auto-subscribed to receive a ‘Car Alert’ – keeping them up-to-date whenever new stock arrives matching their initial enquiry or existing stock reduces in price.

With a conversion rate of 10% to prospects who couldn’t find the right vehicle at the right price initially Car Alerts is a proven sales success.

So exactly how do these ‘high conversion’ dealerships maximise their chance of converting every possible sales opportunity?

After 7-days, any enquiry that hasn’t progressed to a sale is auto-enrolled to ‘Car Alerts’ that updates the customer every time new stock arrives that matches their initial enquiry or existing stock reduces in price.

If you’d like to see how our ‘Lost Sales’ and ‘Car Alerts’ service can help your dealership or group increase sales conversions, get in touch today.

Car Alerts

Not every customer will complete their car purchase on the day. Car Alerts is a unique service that allows your sales team to keep in touch with ‘undecided customers’ through a series of automated alerts, updating them each time a new car comes into stock matching the ‘make/model’ of their initial enquiry.

Using our VoiceBox marketing platform, we send Mobile Responsive Email, SMS and Social Media messages to customers to nurture enquiries, increase sales conversions and aftersales retention.


We are fully integrated and able to receive data from all of the major showroom lead management systems including Keyloop / Autoline Rev8, Dealerweb, EnquiryMax, Fastrack, Contact Advantage, CloseIt, Mentor and more!


With average email open rates in excess of 60%, response rates of up to 15% (that’s an active response, not just click-throughs) we are engaging with customers in the most cost-effective way on their computers, tablets and mobile phones.

VoiceBox Sales

We believe every single customer enquiry deserves to be acknowledged and nurtured by a series of personalised communications, from point of initial enquiry through to order confirmation and beyond. The results speak for themselves, with our VoiceBox marketing platform consistently delivering increased sales conversions for our dealer group customers.