We're taking automotive CRM to the next level, working across multiple platforms to deliver comprehensive SRM that underpins highly targeted, personalised engagement.

Social Relationship Management (SRM)

While eCRM has proven hugely successful, if dealers want to keep up with the ever-changing and increasingly competitive online environment, they’ll need to be doing more. SRM ‘hyper targeting’ techniques make that possible. For example, Facebook advertising allows dealers to target and engage directly with all relevant users according to their location and the vehicle they currently drive, as well as by their search preferences when investigating a potential new car purchase.

A key benefit of SRM is the personalisation of lead management. Using tracking and targeting tools on social platforms, Marketing Delivery can help dealers communicate with customers looking for particular marques and models, to deliver an unrivalled personalised experience for the customer. For example, Car Alerts acts as a ‘silent salesperson’, streamlining the processes of following up on leads and promoting new stock to existing prospects via email and social media.

We have proven success in increasing page likes, website referrals and brand awareness. With regular measurement of key metrics such as Reach, Engaged Users and Website Referrals we ensure Social Media is used to enhance online reputation and reach an engaged, relevant audience.

Organic Management

The collaborative method of integrating local and national content provides a constantly evolving feed of vital information for the customer.  The strategy encourages the growth of “organic” reach through a time bound feed of tweets, Facebook posts, likes and comments.

This is crucial for the growth of business.  The diverse social media approach provides the best blend of content and connectivity for the customer.

We are also able to provide “live” feeds for conferences and events.  This is particularly practical for Twitter feeds with branded hashtags and it encourages integral connections for businesses, customers and a source of information about competitors.

This will dramatically increase awareness of your company’s presence at a conference and promote influence within the business setting.  It will also encourage user-generated content which will benefit business.

Social media enables people to connect for pleasure and business thus developing and maintaining relationships with your audience.  This is activated by engaging your customers and audience and providing personal two-way conversation which will build trust, loyalty, reputation and subsequent prospects whilst incorporating a ripple effect which will be imperative for results driven growth.

Reputation Management

Social media content curation and best practice considers customer feedback – negative and positive.  Customer comments and reviews are quickly identified and responded to.  “Active Listening” is employed by Marketing Delivery to ensure issues are dealt with promptly.  This awareness and pragmatism on social media, increases brand sentiment.


Our exclusive product SocialStock provides for the automotive network a used car search app for Facebook pages, with alerts for customers who can’t find what they are looking for.

These alerts can be linked to showroom enquiries and website searches as well, providing dealers with a tangible advertising solution directly through social media engagement.

Benefit from unlimited stock listings, up to 10 Images per vehicle and more:

  • Automated stock feed
  • Advanced search control
  • Vehicle search results
  • Vehicle details page
  • Dealer details
  • Dealer website link and CTAs
  • Also featuring Car Alerts to keep in touch with visitors who can’t find their ideal car, first time.

SocialStock on your page can help drive leads, sales and potential new customers to your dealership.


ReviewBox allows visitors to your Facebook page to find out what your other customers think about you. Using replies to satisfaction surveys and reviews gathered during the CRM program, these real-life customer comments are used to enhance dealership reputation through Facebook. Learn more about ReviewBox here.


LeadBox allows us to capture Leads on Facebook and add them straight into an e-CRM Mailing List. When a Lead is captured we send an alert instantly to the Dealership so the Salesmen can respond straight away. Learn more about LeadBox here.

Logged Leads are then added to our Sales CRM Cycle, learn more about CRM here.