Keeping Used Car Customers Engaged

We are pleased to provide an eCRM service to over 400 franchised dealerships across the UK and ‘Car Alerts’ forms an integral part of their customer journey.

Car Alerts were designed to keep undecided ‘approved used car’ customers engaged whenever their enquiry hasn’t progressed to a sale after 14-days, at which point the customer is auto-subscribed to receive a ‘Car Alert’ – keeping them up-to-date whenever new stock arrives matching their initial enquiry.

Two Audi dealerships in the South-West were the first to trial our ‘Car Alert’ service. The first Audi dealership recorded 40-sales in the first 3-months, and the second a further 46 approved used car sales in the same time period – providing a quite significant contribution in terms of ROI.

We are now utilising Facebook Advertising to bring Car Alerts on to another platform. Those receiving a Car Alerts Email will now be shown an Advert!

So exactly how do these ‘high conversion’ dealerships maximise their chance of converting every possible sales opportunity?

After 14-days, any enquiry that hasn’t progressed to a sale is auto-enrolled to a ‘Car Alerts’ service that updates the customer every time new stock arrives that matches their initial enquiry.


If you’d like to see how our ‘Lost Sales’ and ‘Car Alerts’ service can help your dealership or group increase sales conversions, get in touch today.