After direct recommendations from friends and family, online reviews are consistently cited by customers as their most trusted source of information. We work closely with our dealer group clients to ensure that positive feedback is captured, shared and promoted, to help shape their online reputation among prospects.

Using replies to satisfaction surveys and reviews gathered during the CRM program, real-life customer comments are used to enhance dealership reputation through Facebook and third party platforms such as Auto Trader,  where online reviews gathered can now be automatically posted to stock pages. This helps to ensure that the overall star rating reflects the views of all of its customers – not just an unhappy few.

Customer testimonials should also be a core element of a dealer’s Facebook page. We know from extensive testing with our clients that the Facebook audience is far more interested in ‘local’ content connected to the dealership, rather than generic marketing messages for particular car brands or models. Dealers who survey customers solely to generate a Net Promoter Score are missing a valuable opportunity to share positive comments more widely.

Bolstering your business’s reputation across independent review sites and search engines is also crucial. You could have hundreds of five-star reviews on your website, but if there are just a handful of critical reviews on Facebook, that could be enough to seriously damage your online reputation.