Why the Winter Health Check?

We were recently asked by a client to check for the number of vehicles due for a service in November, as the bookings seemed low. We took a look and, yes, the number of potential bookings – customers with vehicles due a service – did seem light.

We compared November with June and found potential bookings were at just 70% of the potential in June. Was this unique to this one client or common?

When we checked some other clients we found similar results – between 68% – 72% of the level of potential bookings for June were available in November.

This means that even if the normal retention success applies, workshops will be naturally quieter if nothing is done about it. The answer? The Winter Health Check.


The benefit to the customer is clear – the dealership wanting to make sure sure all is well as the nights draw in and driving conditions deteriorate. The dealership looking after their customers.

The benefits to the dealer? Short term revenue – even free Health Checks generate work from worn tyres, brakes and re-alignments – and long term loyalty as customers have a warm, trusting feeling towards the dealership looking after them.

Get your Health Check campaigns underway – if you haven’t already!