The next BIG THING? The same old thing!

We get asked a lot by clients “what’s the next BIG thing?”.

Where to start?!

There’s the big wide world of Social Media, the excitement of Apps, the Connected Car – who knows where technology will take us in the next 5 years.

However, none off this matters if the data isn’t right.

I remember publishing an article in Automotive Management 5 years ago with the top tips for data capture at a car dealership. While some dealerships have improved massively, others have more work to do.

In a recent analysis of 100 dealers workshop customers in the month of October, we found, on average, nearly 230 customers, per dealership, with missing or old data. This includes missing email or mobile, blank or lapsed “next service” or “next MOT” dates. These are customers and vehicles seen in the workshop last month, so they are “live”.

How much is this worth?

The worst dealership for missing email addresses missed 414 in October – customers who now have to be sent letters or postcards or called, at a much higher cost than an email reminder.

The worst dealership for missing / lapsed MOT dates had 149 in October. 50% of those bookings would generate £4k in the month, without any other work.

Take the missing / lapsed service dates, the worst dealership had 208 vehicles in one month – if 50% of those could be converted for their next service, that would generate additional revenue of around £35,000. That’s for one dealership, for one month, a cool £400k+ a year.

How “big” a “thing” do you want?