Are you losing Customers due to bad data capture?

Our research shows that the majority of motorists would leave Dealers that got their details wrong in CRM communications.

  • 57% of motorists would consider taking their business elsewhere if sales staff got their name or current car wrong
  • Under-25s are least tolerant when it comes to inaccuracy by dealers
  • Marketing Delivery’s BrainBox system helps dealers to monitor data discrepancies and GDPR compliance

Increasing sensitivity about data use, and a heightened awareness of GDPR recently, means that car dealers that make mistakes with prospective customers’ information – such as their name or details of their current vehicle – risk losing their business altogether. Our new research shows that 57% of UK motorists said they would be less likely to purchase a new vehicle from a dealership that made this kind of error.

Just 5% said that inaccurate information would make no difference to their likelihood of buying a car from the dealer whereas the least tolerant of errors are younger buyers, with 65% of motorists under 25 years old saying they would be less likely to purchase a new vehicle from a dealer that made such a mistake.

When it comes to vehicle servicing, motorists are similarly intolerant, with 59% saying they agree with the statement ‘I would be less likely to have my car serviced by a dealer if they got my details wrong when contacting me (e.g. my name or details of my current car)’. At a regional level, Londoners appear to be the least forgiving of inaccuracies – 69% said they would be less likely to use a dealer for servicing if the business got their details wrong.

A greater proportion of women (63%) than men (55%) would reject a dealer that uses inaccurate information following contact about vehicle servicing. The gender difference is smaller when it comes to enquiries about new car sales (58% women vs. 55% men).

Those with the overall highest expectations about data accuracy are the under-25s, with 68% saying they would be likely to shop elsewhere for service work if a dealer got their details wrong.

“Securing contact information for customers is critical, but these findings show that if sales staff subsequently make mistakes in their interactions, it can undo all of the marketing effort up to that point,” says Jeremy Evans, our Managing Director. “The objective is to have customer records that are both comprehensive and completely accurate, and the rapid reporting tools we have built into our new BrainBox system can flag up potential errors before they cause a problem.”

Our new BrainBox system, which is compatible with multiple dealer database and showroom platforms, enables quick, aggregated analysis of data. It can rapidly generate reports on the quality of customer records, the status of permissions for future contact, and key metrics relating to the effectiveness of its digital campaigns – such as open rates, click-through rates, and email ‘bounce-backs’. Your account manager will be showing you BrainBox as it rolls out over the coming weeks.

“With the GDPR enforcement date looming, dealer groups should not only ensure that contact permissions are secured appropriately, but also that the fundamental quality of their data is as high as possible,” adds Evans. “With ‘legitimate interest’ becoming a key point in GDPR discussions, sales and service teams need to make sure they are doing everything possible to keep prospects happy and retain their customers’ business. There’s no second chance to make a first impression.”