‘How to’ make the most out of customer data

Since the introduction of GDPR on 25 May 2018, capture rates for both email and SMS have remained relatively stable among UK car dealers. In fact, the email capture rate has actually grown slightly since then, from 88% in Q1 2018 (before GDPR) to 91% in the final quarter of 2019. The SMS capture rate has also remained broadly level and is currently at 80% – exactly where it was two years ago.

However, capture rates only ever tell half of the story, and customer consent rates for both email and SMS saw instant declines following the introduction of the legislation. Email consent dropped from 80% and has since stabilised at around 70%. SMS consent fell even further, from 73% to 54%.

In this new environment, consent is king, regardless of how many emails or phone numbers a dealer captures. For example, imagine you have a customer on your books who enquired about a new car three years ago but didn’t buy. A dealer can’t claim they have a legitimate interest in marketing to that same customer if they try to retarget them again today.

Dealers must gain marketing consent from prospective customers if they are to meet long-term marketing objectives and legal obligations. And capturing consent means that retailer can capitalise on any growth in recorded enquiries.

Utilise enquiry management for increased consent rates

Where dealers have invested time in improving their enquiry management processes, and trained sales staff on those processes, they often see growth in recorded enquiry volumes.

In fact, Marketing Delivery’s network of UK car retailers saw a combined 26% increase in recorded enquiries year-on-year between 2018 and 2019. Even where footfall has declined, dealers have significant potential to generate online leads. And those dealers adopting a process that encourages prospects to give consent to future marketing are the ones enjoying the most success.

Dealers can use an electronic customer relationship management (eCRM) system to generate and record large numbers of enquiries and improve their processes. Gaining consent from even the ‘coldest’ of leads can help to open up a line of marketing communication to a would-be customer – even if they’re not quite ready to commit to a purchase.

Marketing Delivery’s eCRM system helps dealers engage with customers and prospects via mobile-responsive email, SMS and social media messages. Dealers can use eCRM to nurture enquiries, increase sales conversions, and even enhance aftersales retention. In addition, the company’s SocialStock social media marketing platform helps dealers and groups target relevant prospects with tailored stock remarketing and social media advertising tools, as well as automated lead capture for Facebook.

To find out more about how Marketing Delivery’s eCRM systems could improve your capture and consent rates, contact Marketing Delivery on 01892 599 911 or get.in.touch@marketingdelivery.com.