How to keep your workshop full?

Update your digital marketing approach...

On the face of things, email addresses and engine lubricant don’t appear to have much in common. But both ensure the smooth operation of a well-oiled, profitable workshop.

Data-driven marketing can streamline and automate workshop communications, providing a cost-effective way for dealers to quickly boost engagement from aftersales customers and boost workshop utilisation. In fact, dealers exploiting digital aftersales marketing tools are better equipped to reach more potential customers, at the right time and with the right message.

And success can be as simple as capturing a customer’s email address and putting a date in the diary.

Maximising workshop occupancy

Marketing Delivery’s most recent data (for December 2019) indicates that, on average, UK franchised workshops compiled full, accurate customer data for 62% of all workshop entrants.

Yet 21% of workshop customers didn’t have their email address recorded by aftersales staff. 11% of customers made a booking, had their car serviced, and collected it without even having their phone number noted down.

Successful digital aftersales marketing relies on high-quality data. If workshops fail to capture vital contact information, the ‘data deficit’ immediately limits their potential for repeat aftersales business.

Improving data quality starts with something as basic as training (or retraining) staff to request and record contact details for workshop visitors. Making this simple change, we have seen service desks improve email capture rates from around 70% to above 85%.

A well-timed email reminder

Recording customer contact details is half the battle. And service desks can capitalise on this by noting down when the customer’s car is next due in the workshop – then contacting them with an email reminder shortly before that date.

In December 2019, 15% of service customers left the workshop without the aftersales department recording a follow-up date for the vehicle’s next scheduled maintenance. 11% of MOT customers left without the next year’s MOT expiry date being recorded.

Yet, best-in-class service departments record follow-up dates in more than 90% of cases. With every interaction, customer-facing staff play a vital role in capturing and refreshing these essential records.

Furthermore, up to 60% of recipients will open targeted aftersales emails – three times the typical rate for issuing generic content. Click-through rates of 30% are not uncommon among customers responding to an email prompt for service bookings.

Once a workshop captures a customer’s email address and the date of their car’s next MOT, it immediately has a better chance of bringing that customer back to the workshop for future vehicle servicing and maintenance.

Marketing Delivery’s Aftersales eCRM system enables businesses to send automated reminders to specific customers when their vehicle’s MOT or service is due. Ultimately, well-timed email communications can maximise workshop occupancy and make service departments more profitable.

Marketing Delivery can also produce a data ‘health check’, showing which sites or staff are underperforming when maintaining accurate customer records. And workshops can track customer responses to aftersales marketing, helping service teams to target messages more effectively.

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