How does eCRM improve Sales Conversion?

The Sales eCRM processes employed in our clients’ dealerships supports the traditional follow up process, providing a safety net for any “forgotten” opportunities, difficult to contact customers, absences or any of the other multitude of reasons a prospect may not be followed up.

Research carried out by Capgemini shows a preference amongst dealership visitors in the “purchase” phase for email as part of the communication process. Indeed, after the pysical dealership visit, email is the next highest preferred option with 22%of customers saying it’s their preferred method of contact.

The email following up a sales enquiry may elicit a reply by email, telephone, or social media. Our research shows that prospects who have an email address recorded at the time of enquiry, and who then go through an email led follow up process, are more likely to go on and buy than a prospect who’s email address is not recorded.

Recent analysis of sales enquiries over a three week period showed an overall conversion rate of 25.4% and an email capture rate of 61.7%.

Prospects where no email address was recorded had a conversion rate of just 16.1%, whereas those with an email address and, hence, being exposed to the eCRM process in addition to the regular salesman follow up had a conversion rate of31.3% – nearly twice as high.

Customers tell us that email enables them to consider their options and further clarify their choices or budget, without the perceived “high pressure” of a salesman following up by ‘phone. They also tell us that if they request a ‘phone call in their email reply, they expect that call to come quickly!! They will take to Social Media to tell the world if the reply or call doesn’t come quickly.

The great thing about eCRM is the ability to measure, monitor, inform and feedback – direct from the customer to as many members of the dealership team as required.

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