From Data To Deal In Seven Easy Steps

A prospect is seven times more likely to buy from a dealership if they’re followed up within 72 hours of their visit.

That’s a powerful message, isn’t it?!

In this case, the all important follow up is being initiated by pre-programmed emails, which are distributed via our highly effective eCRM process. And this statement is based on analysis of dealership sales stats over a five year period.

But it won’t happen if the sales staff dealing with enquiries from potential customers aren’t vigilant with their data capture.

Good basic sales training will tell you that maintaining contact with the customer, especially through those few early interactions, is critical if you’re to make the sale but the team at Marketing Delivery have developed an automated process for customer contact that’s been refined and honed over the years to deliver outstanding results for dealers.

23% Increase In Turnover At Farnell Land Rover

Farnell Land Rover in Yorkshire, voted 2012 Land Rover Dealer of the Year, implemented Marketing Delivery’s eCRM enquiry follow up process in April 2011 and added the sales CSI and service reminder elements of the system in 2012.

Open rates of Farnell’s customer emails average 57% and regularly top 60%, whereas the national retail average open rate is 18-20%……

At Farnell’s Bradford dealership in particular, over 80 vehicles have been sold in 2012 to customers who’ve received a 24 hour and 72 hour follow up email via the Marketing Delivery process – manager Jatinder Aujla commented: “The system has contributed to us increasing our turnover from £56,000,000 in the first eight months of 2011 to £69,000,000 in the first eight months of 2012 – a 23% increase.”

Another powerful statement!

Making The Most Of Technology

First and foremost, communications generated by Marketing Delivery are timely, relevant and carefully constructed so as to deliver the right message at the right time to encourage a response.

Emails and SMS messages sent the morning after the original enquiry with others sent a few days later give the prospects the opportunity to reply with their thoughts without the perceived ‘hard sell’ of a phone call from the salesman.

Prospects often reply with very detailed thoughts and requirements to the Marketing Delivery emails, providing invaluable further information for the sales team to enable deals to be changed and cars sourced – and salesmen coached to improve conversion.

Secondly, Marketing Delivery uses the technology that your customers are using every day. Email messages are compatible with SmartPhones and tablet devices and the content is designed in such a way that it is visually engaging and intuitive. Text (SMS) messages include links to enable instant clicks through to more detailed information.

We know that prospects are generally much further down the line with their buying decision by the time they visit a dealership so you have a shorter window within which to engage and convert them than ever before.

Marketing Delivery can’t replace face to face contact and the personal relationships you can build up with customers but it is proving to be a very effective tool to aid the process, as the folks at Farnell have testified.

Seven Point Check List

  1. Ensure your DMS has all the right fields to capture vital customer information
  2. Emphasise the importance of detailed data capture amongst all customer-facing staff – corners cut mean lost conversions
  3. Agree a pre-planned contact schedule – 24 hours, 72 hours, one week, etc
  4. Keep emails short, relevant and well constructed
  5. Invite feedback on the performance of the salesman and on the requirements of the customer
  6. Act on the responses you receive – and quickly
  7. Deliver on your promises