Don’t lose your bearings!

When the going gets tough, the tough get going……we’ve heard that before……

Amid the gloom of sales declines lets take a look at how some automotive retailers are bucking the trend and keeping orders up.

Quite simply, every lead counts these days and an enquiry to conversion rate of 20-25% simply isn’t good enough. We are working with our clients to improve those rates up through 30% and beyond. This is the way to deliver steady, or even increasing, sales in a decreasing market.


“You are making it really difficult for me to spend £70,000 on my new car with you”


This was a comment from a customer when one of our clients went live with our eCRM follow up service. The Head of Business didn’t know that one of his sales executives hadn’t called this customer back, despite 3 messages being left. The result? A sale – to a different executive…


“To give you an idea of success, we get about 10-15 “lost” deals back into our prestige division each month directly from their messages and there has been a huge improvement in our lead-management process and data quality as a result of the increased focus their messages provide.”


This came from a happy client when asked about the effect our eCRM programme was having on his business. That’s the beauty of data – everything is measurable. Sales enquiries can be tracked through an eCRM process to see what happens next. The results are transparent and the ROI obvious.

We have been working with automotive retailers for over 10 years now – as Marketing Delivery – and are constantly finding new ways to engage with existing enquiries to help our clients improve their conversion rate and sell more cars.


“The impact of Marketing Delivery’s tool on our enquiry-to-sales conversion rates has been profound. Over a three month period, 32.5% of prospects that opened our targeted eCRM communications went on to buy a car, compared to 19.1% for those that didn’t open eCRM message over the same period.”


Entry to the “sales funnel” comes from many different directions – web, social media, used car sites, manufacturers, aggregators – and consumer response channels have never been wider. However, the ability to follow the customer around this maze and keep them pointing towards you is there and, with a little bit of help and some good old hard graft and individual responsibility, the rewards are there for the taking.

Are you ready to roll?

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