Don’t Isolate Your Marketing During The Pandemic

“Although our workshops are not running at full capacity at the moment, we want to keep in touch with you and remind you of the service and MOT requirements of your vehicle. We will book you in as early as we can, please bear with us as we prioritise key-workers at this time.”


This is what one of our clients are saying on their Service and MOT reminders – staying in touch but setting boundaries as to what is possible at the moment. Better than saying nothing and hoping for the best?

We think so, more importantly, customers are still booking! Yes, lead times are longer but if you can keep in touch and take their longer-term bookings, they will be there for you when you can get back to normal operations.


How Can We Help?

We suggest putting together an automated step to go out 5 months after an MOT due date, where the test hasn’t been taken or already booked, to remind people their 6 month grace period for their MOT is nearly up!