Big Data to Improve CRM

There is lots of talk at the moment about big data and how to use it to deliver the right, personalised, relevant, responsive messages to customers at the right time, using the right media.

The good news for car dealers is that big data is nothing new and is sitting there on DMS, showroom and aftersales systems already.

The tricky bit is using that data to deliver the right messages at the right time, producing a relevant, engaging CRM cycle.

DMS and associated systems are a great way of gathering customer and vehicle data for use in the CRM cycle. However, there is more data needed to optimise the process and ensure the best response rates.

Email data – opens, bounces, clicks, are all valuable sources of data to show how customers are using (or not) the messages being sent to them. When used correctly, this data can trigger the next steps in a CRM cycle. For example, a customer sent a “Thanks for your enquiry” email, opens it and then clicks on the “Used Car Search” link. This customer can be followed up based on this information, for example, another email asking them if they found a suitable car on the website, or an alert to the dealership to make sure they are aware the customer is still looking at used cars.

DMS data is a great starting point, and many DMS platforms offer a CRM module which deals with some of the customer touch points.

The level of advanced automation, link triggering, mobile responsiveness, conditional content and multi-channel integration are areas where dealers can look to companies like Marketing Delivery to take their big data and turn it into really clever CRM.

How clever?

Well, really cleaver!!

In a recent analysis of 2,000 dealership sales enquiries over a 3-week period the following was measured:

  • Overall conversion 25.4%
  • Email capture rate 61.7%
  • Conversion for prospects where no email address was captured 16.1%
  • Conversion for prospects with email who have gone through eCRM 31.3%

So as you can see, by simply collecting the customers’ e-mail address and then following through with our powerful Sales eCRM service, our dealer group customers increased their sales conversions by 94%!

We’ve also helped our dealers to significantly increase their after-sales retention rates – but that’s another story!

We’d love to show you more of our findings – get in touch!