Lost Sales

Re-engage Lost Sales with Personalised Emails

  • Reactivate Enquiries

  • Increase Engagement

  • Track Conversions & ROI

Our Lost Sales messages are designed to re-engage unconverted leads and collect qualitative data as to why they didn’t purchase… yet.

Automatic Enrolment

Automatically engage with those enquiries closed off as a ‘Lost Sale’ with a customised, GDPR-compliant email message. Once a lead is logged as ‘Lost’, we’ll take it from there.

Re-Engage Customers

Open the door to re-engagement, encouraging replies and driving traffic to your website. You may be surprised by the number of leads that convert back into a ‘new’ enquiry and subsequent sale.

Quantifiable ROI

Our fully trackable emails allow us to identify customers that re-engage by replying to emails or visiting your website. Full visibility of engagement and conversion is accessible via our BrainBox platform.

How does Lost Sales work?

Every enquiry that has been closed off as a ‘Lost Sale’ automatically triggers a customised message*. Mark your lead as a ‘Lost Sale’, and our personalised follow-up messages cover the rest.

With an average of 5-6 new incoming sales leads daily, hard-pressed sales teams can only manage a pipeline of so many leads before last week’s unconverted prospects fall away. Consider us your silent salesperson following up on the cooler leads.

*We can apply exclusions based on client requirements.

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In a recent analysis, 46% of ‘Lost Sale’ enquirers replied that they were still in the market for a car. Maximise every opportunity with our automated ‘Lost Sale’ communications, re-engaging aging unconverted leads for you.

  • Re-engage ‘lost’ leads without the need for telephone prospecting

  • Monitor sales team activity

  • Send prospects back to your website to browse stock

  • Apply insight to improve processes

  • Receive email alerts on customer engagement direct to your inbox

  • Convert more leads

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Across the group, we were marking many potential leads as ‘lost’, though we suspected some were still in the market for a car. Marketing Delivery worked with us to identify how we could convert more of these apparently lost leads into sales, and the Car Alerts system provided us with the ideal solution.”

Monique Limerick, Marketing Manager, Vines Group

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