Keyloop Approved Partner

Helping Dealers Maintain Accurate DMS Data

  • Improve Data Accuracy

  • Streamline Data Processes

  • Maximise Sales & Marketing Activity

As a Keyloop Approved Partner, not only can we plan customer journeys by receiving your data, we can also automatically push updates back in to your DMS.

Streamlining administrational processes and giving you confidence that your data accuracy is continually at it’s optimum to reach the right customers, at the right time. Every time.

Customer Preferences

Keep customer preferences up to date by automating changes and opt-outs from your VoiceBox email and SMS activity. Ensuring GDPR compliance at every data point without the need for laborious manual updates.

Accurate MOT Dates

MOTBox continually cross-checks your DMS data with the DVSA to ensure MOT reminders are sent at the right time. Pairing this with our Keyloop integration means all retailer agents will always have visibility of accurate MOT dates.

Vehicle Ownership

Customers move house, vehicles are stolen, written-off, and of course they change hands. Keyloop integration complements our data audit solutions to seamlessly manage vehicle updates and detachments. Maximise marketing – minimise admin!

  • Update contact preferences from VoiceBox to Keyloop ensuring GDPR compliance across all data points

  • Automate updated MOT due dates from DVSA records to maximise outbound marketing and call activity

  • Save administration hours and minimise wastage with automated address updates and vehicle detachments

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