Vines Group

Vines Group implement Marketing Delivery’s Car Alerts eCRM system

Vines Group has been a BMW Group franchised business since 1980 and today operates six sites for the manufacturer, with three BMW and three MINI sales and service centres across Surrey and West Sussex.

The business delivers thousands of new and used cars to customers every year across the South East, and also represents BMW Motorrad.

The Challenge

Following a UK-wide drop in new car sales in 2017, Vines Group proactively sought new ways to promote its wide selection of approved used BMW and MINI vehicles. The business approached Marketing Delivery in the first quarter of 2018 to discuss how its Car Alerts electronic customer relationship management (eCRM) system could help generate more used car sales.

“Across the group, we were marking many potential leads as ‘lost’, though we suspected some were still in the market for a car,” says Monique Limerick, Group Marketing Manager from Vines Group. “Marketing Delivery worked with us to identify how we could convert more of these apparently lost leads into sales, and the Car Alerts system provided us with the ideal solution.”

The Solution

In the second quarter of 2018, Vines implemented Marketing Delivery’s Car Alerts eCRM system, designed to help dealers maintain engagement with used car prospects.

Car Alerts sends automated email notifications to potential customers when new stock arrives which matches their initial enquiry. It also generates alerts for prospective customers when the price changes on a car matching their criteria, or the dealer uploads new images of a relevant vehicle.

“Marketing Delivery created a tailored system for us, integrating directly with our group-wide DMS [dealer management system], CDK Drive. Car Alerts taps into our live sales enquiry data and daily stock feed updates, and uses this to generate automated emails for live prospects,” says Monique Limerick.

In addition to Car Alerts, Vines also introduced Marketing Delivery’s SocialStock system across its network, posting carefully-targeted updates of newly acquired stock to Facebook users.

The Outcome

The automated Car Alerts emails quickly started generating clicks to the Vines website. By August, the group was recording nearly 500 vehicle-specific clicks each month to its BMW and MINI websites.

Limerick comments, “The important thing about these clicks is that they come from customers we have already seen and qualified. They are hot leads who are still looking for their ideal car – they simply haven’t yet found the right one, at the right price.

“By keeping them engaged using Car Alerts emails we are ensuring they stay up-to-date with our stock. It’s like having an extra team of sales executives constantly checking and matching cars to the right customers.”

Between July to October 2018, Vines Group attributed 145 additional sales to the Car Alerts system. Following the success of the email programme, Vines has also since turned to its attention to social media to attract prospective customers to its website.

In Q3 2018, Vines rolled out Marketing Delivery’s SocialStock system, enabling dealers to post details of new stock to potential customers on Facebook. The automated process enables sales teams to identify Facebook users within specified geographical territories around each dealership, and proactively target them with relevant adverts for new stock.

“Through SocialStock, we have seen an incredible clickthrough rate over the past six months,” explains Limerick. “Facebook users spend up to 52 seconds viewing our ads within the social network – more time than people spend viewing other content online. Users engaging with our content are, on average, clicking through to our website twice, and remain highly engaged over time thanks to our ever-changing stock.

“The team at Marketing Delivery put a great deal of effort into tailoring their systems to our needs, and the result is a demonstrable uplift in used car sales,” says Limerick.

“The eCRM and social tools that Marketing Delivery has put at our disposal have delivered a very strong return on investment and have proven instrumental in helping us achieving our business aims.”