Sandown Mercedes-Benz

Sandown Improve Data Quality

Towards the end of 2014 we began working with the Sandown Group to introduce our sales and service CRM programmes in their 6 Mercedes-Benz locations in Southern England. Setting up data feeds initially with their DMS (ADP/CDK) for aftersales, and then later with their new showroom system Dealerweb, we began identifying key customer touch-points and sending messages accordingly.

The aftersales touch-points identified used our Email and SMS software to message the customers and we also used the same data to generate call lists for the Customer Relations Centre and mailing lists.

Analysis of early results showed variable levels of data accuracy – defined as customers with missing email addresses, mobile numbers and vehicles with missing or overdue service and MOT dates.

This information was fed back to the Sandown team who set about updating as much as they could internally, including a major exercise to merge duplicate customers. We assisted by running customer records with missing data through insurance industry lists to find email addresses and mobile numbers. We are now running missing MOT dates through DVLA to bring them up to date.

Feedback from the Customer Relations Centre was instant – more time being spent on incoming calls generated from the emails and SMS messages, with less time on outbound calls. When outbound calls were made, customers who had received an email or SMS were easier to make a booking with than before. Also, print and postage costs started dropping as more customers were engaged with earlier using more cost effective – and more engaging – methods of contact.

As one customer recently put it “The emails and texts are useful reminders, and I don’t get bombarded by you either.”

What of the business results?

Data quality has improved, resulting in more customers than ever being contacted. The overall data quality score for customers and vehicles seen in the last month has risen to 70% and is continuing on an upward trend. Customers are engaging well with the messages being sent with email open rates regularly in the 60% range, compared to an “average” retail industry open rate of 20%. Customers are clicking through to request bookings, with click-through-rates of 30% common. Inbound calls are also on the increase.

This has resulted in over 5000 extra service bookings during 2015, with more still to come from the continuing improvement and MOT date cleanse.

The knock-on effect into sales has also been felt with a recent VIP sales event seeing a 30% yr on yr increase in orders due to better quantity and quality of data being available.


“Having seen the benefit of the Marketing Delivery programme in my previous company, it was one of the first things on my agenda when I came here. I’ve been delighted with not only the results, but also the support and insight the team provide us with.”

– Keith Jackman, Head of Marketing and CRM

Top Tips:

Monitor data quality

  • Missing customer email and mobile
  • Missing and overdue vehicle service and MOT dates

Run external checks to update missing / out of date records

  • Insurance industry databases for customer records
  • DVLA for missing MOT dates
  • DVLA for sold / scrapped vehicles

Use email and SMS as early as 60 days before the due date

  • Early bookings are made by customers

Have multiple email and SMS steps as time nears the due date

  • Print and postage costs are reduced

Use daily updated data to drive the next contact

  • Accurate, relevant contact is the key to engagement