The Vindis Group has upped its digital game with the implementation of new tools that automatically keep all sales prospects updated on the availability of vehicles that match their specific preferences.

Our electronic customer relationship management (eCRM) software, VoiceBox, is enhancing the sales experience for existing and potential customers, as well as easing the burden on staff of maintaining the sales pipeline.

After an extensive trial at three of the company’s sites, the Vindis Group committed to a full roll out of VoiceBox across all 15 of the Group’s franchised sales sites this June. In just eight weeks since implementation, the system re-engaged 72 ‘lost leads’, 38 of whom subsequently progressed to a sale – a 53% conversion rate on leads that were no longer being progressed.

This success is being attributed to the increased contact with the customer during the sales journey via Mobile Responsive Email, SMS and Social Media messages which nurture enquiries, increase sales conversions and maximise aftersales retention.

“It has rapidly become one of the most important and reliable sales tools across the entire Group. To keep prospects engaged we need to maintain contact but at the same time ensure every communication is both timely and relevant. Being able to keep customers informed of our stock and making sure that we are front of mind is particularly important when the market-wide stock situation is so volatile.

The Marketing Delivery team have been excellent; from our first conversation through the implementation phase and beyond, they have provided answers to our questions and guided us patiently through the process. It helps that they really understand the issues facing the industry and tailor their software to the problem at hand. Their reputation is unrivalled, and they feel like an extension to our team, rather than a supplier.”

Peter Toop, Group Sales and Marketing Director at Vindis Group

Our VoiceBox system automates certain touchpoints during the customer journey in a more consistent, personalised and timely way. The system provides an automated ‘safety net’ of communications by email with prospective customers, allowing sales staff to concentrate on the ‘live’ enquiries nearer the point of order.

“Many lost leads are a result of lack of contact with the potential customer, but eCRM systems are able to take the pain of continued follow ups away from the salespeople and allows the contact with potential customers to become automated.”

Jeremy Evans, Managing Director at Marketing Delivery

The Vindis Group was founded in Cambridgeshire in 1960 and is a family-owned business that has grown by delivering both a personal and professional service. Its brands include Audi, Volkswagen, ŠKODA, Ducati, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, SEAT, CUPRA, and Bentley retailers, spanning six counties across the UK.

The Process

  • Automated and Personalised Email Suite
  • Dynamic and Targeted Social Media Marketing

  • Weekly, Monthly And Quarterly Results

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