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Trying To Be As Green As We Can Be

After two days’ worth of meetings out of the office I realised that I’d used 4 disposable coffee cups, this included one when I was actually sat in the coffee shop the whole time drinking it. It also would have been way more if I’d drunk anywhere near the amount of tea I usually do. Which got me thinking (and feeling guilty) just how many our field-based members of staff must get through!

A quick email to the MD that night clarified that he was thinking the same thing.

So, we are excited to introduce our Branded Travel Mugs, not just for our field based employees but for all employees and clients who want to support us in reducing waste!

With the increasing awareness of pollution and, more recently, plastic waste and the negative impact that it is having on our environment and therefore our future, I’ve been looking at how environmentally friendly we are as a company and our corporate social responsibility in general.

We are a ‘digital’ based company due to the nature of our business so therefore we believe that we are supporting our clients in being more ‘green’ due to them replacing traditional communications, such as letters in the post, and marketing, like Newspaper Ads, with the more modern, environmentally friendly alternatives of Email and Social Media Advertising.

However, we also strive to make our offline activity environmentally friendly. To do this, we recycle our old ink cartridges, as well as all paper and plastic waste in the office, and encourage our clients to receive e-invoices where possible. The whole team are involved, and responsible, for keeping us as green as we can be.

So, how green are you?

AM Live 2017

If you missed our Seminar on ‘How Customers Make Used of the Multiple Digital Channels’ or want to refresh your memory then you can download the slides here!

P.s If you want to watch how Mercedes-Benz – Smart Car deal with negative Tweets then watch one of our favourite videos here.

Social Listening on Twitter

In a recent study in the States, the conclusion was that digital engagement is an indicator of loyalty. Measuring the digital engagement of customers and their propensity to return to their dealership for service, there was a clear correlation between the digitally engaged and the loyal.

Twitter is popular amongst those aged 25-34 and 10.7% say it is the social platform through which they would be most likely to follow a car dealer – double the average across all age groups.

Over the years, Twitter has become the go to complaint channel with 78% of people who complain about a brand on Twitter expecting a response within an hour. Comments on Social Media are having an ever increasing influence on consumer purchase decisions which means that having email alerts set up on your Twitter account is vital so that you can response quickly and professionally to both negative and positive Tweets.

As Bill Gates famously said “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”. We believe that the negative feedback you receive through Twitter complaints are learning tools for your business.

Twitter interactions can be quite bizarre…

… but they can also be a fun, friendly way to interact with your customers…

The key to success is timely responses. If you’re not on Twitter just remember that your customers are and they may well be talking about you. No Twitter Account means no way of learning from and interacting with your customers.

If you need help with managing your Twitter or have any questions, then please feel free to get in touch.

3 Cheers for 10 Years

In 10 Years we’ve gone from this…

Via these…


And become this…

And it’s all down to these…

Some of these friendly faces have been at Marketing Delivery for a whopping 8 years, with others being new, 2017, additions.

We’ve decided to take a few moments to ask the team what makes Marketing Delivery a fantastic company to work for.

What is the one thing you like about Marketing Delivery?

  • Simon Penny, Operations Director ‘Being with a company that is going places.’
  • Sophie Blackburn, Account Assistant ‘The open and friendly environment.’
  • Louis Barker, SQL Developer ‘Fantastic team of highly skilled professionals.’
  • Claire Summerton, Account Manager ‘The fact we think outside the box for our clients.’
  • Paul Goldstraw, SQL Developer ‘Our friendly working environment.’
  • Molly Prince, Account Assistant ‘I LOVE how being a smaller company allows us all to build up relationships and work closely together.’
  • Lee Burgess, Account Executive ‘The feeling of being a total team inside of work and out!’
  • Gee Kettle, Social Media Executive ‘The guaranteed career progression.’
  • Sara Crosbie, Account Manager ‘The strong team working ethos and everyone’s enthusiasm to help and support.’
  • Jim Groome, Web Developer ‘I like that my job involves learning lots of new techniques and practices.’
  • Gareth Randall, Project Manager ‘Working for a company that is always moving forwards.’
  • Andy Barton, Group Account Director ‘Our continuing quest to better use technology for marketing solutions to business challenges.’
And with that in mind, we asked our Managing Director, Jeremy Evans, what his thoughts on the next 10 years would be: “We’ll go where the consumers go. And then we’ll figure out a way of taking our clients with us.”
Here’s to the next 10!

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