Marketing Delivery Celebrates a 10 Year Partnership with Cambria Automobiles

Cambria Automobiles has seen a 25-fold increase in the volume of outbound eCRM, enquiry management and aftersales emails over the last decade, according to new data released today by Marketing Delivery, the UK’s leading eCRM (electronic customer relationship management) provider.
Over the last 10 years, the average volume of outbound digital communications from Cambria Automobiles has grown from around 3,000 to more than 75,000 per month. Throughout this time, Marketing Delivery has helped Cambria Automobiles respond to the opportunities and challenges posed by electronic and social media communications with a dedicated eCRM and social media marketing programme.
As the two companies mark 10 years of partnership, the new data illustrates the rapid pace of change across the UK car dealer sector, as dealers and customers increasingly communicate with each other digitally.
Earlier research carried out by Marketing Delivery in 2018 showed that more customers prefer email contact from UK car dealers over any other form of communication. 47.6% of car buyers and 48.3% of aftersales (service and MOT) customers said they favoured email contact when communicating with a dealer or workshop, compared to just 24.5% and 19.7% of buyers and aftersales customers highlighting a preference for phone contact.
Marketing Delivery and Cambria Automobiles have worked together since 2009, when the dealer group first adopted Marketing Delivery’s electronic Customer Relationship Management (eCRM) programme. Cambria Automobiles was an early adopter of social media, and took this technological leadership one step further by deploying a social media customer contact strategy with the support of Marketing Delivery. Sponsorship of the group’s 2019 dealer conference marks the success that the group has enjoyed by developing a forward-looking customer contact strategy hand-in-hand with Marketing Delivery.
Social media plays an increasingly important role in dealer communications for every one of Cambria’s 42 sites. The collaboration across the group has led to the creation of a customer contact strategy across sales, aftersales and customer services, assisting Cambria Automobiles in targeting relevant customers and achieving tangible results from social media.
Ian Godbold, Marketing and CRM director for Cambria Automobiles, commented: “As we have grown as a business we have turned to Marketing Delivery and challenged them to grow their portfolio of solutions to enable us to stay at the sharp end of the digital marketing space. They have taken up the challenge and provided us with industry leading solutions that now form part of our standard operating procedures.”
Jeremy Evans, Managing Director for Marketing Delivery, commented: “We are proud of our ongoing partnership with Cambria, and enjoy the challenge of working with a company at the top of its game. By working closely together we deliver solutions that meet Cambria’s business objectives. They are always pushing us to develop ahead of industry trends, which helps us to retain our market-leading position – it’s a great partnership.”
Cambria Automobiles recently became the first dealer group to sign-up to Marketing Delivery’s new social media marketing platform, SocialStock, designed to make marketing across multiple brands, sites and channels simpler and more effective. SocialStock is a new platform that integrates social media management and reporting tools developed specifically for motor retailers. These include a stock remarketing tool, social media advertising tools, and LeadBox – an automated lead capture system for Facebook.
Retailers can specify how many tools they deploy, and for which sites and brands, to suit their requirements and resources. Additionally, the system can accommodate controlled levels of user access so, for example, different campaigns can be managed and evaluated by a centralised marketing team across a group, or by staff at individual sites.

Posted September 12, 2019 by Gee Kettle