Welcome To SocialStock

SocialStock has been developed specifically for motor retailers, it manages and reports on Facebook adverts in order to maximise ROI. It is fully scalable, helps dealers generate conquest leads and keeps existing prospects updated on new stock.

We wanted to launch a new online platform to make marketing across social media channels simpler and more effective. SocialStock is suitable for individual solus-brand sites, as well as for large, geographically distributed dealer groups with many sites and brands.

SocialStock integrates a number of social media management and reporting tools, all developed specifically for motor retailers. These include a stock remarketing tool, social media advertising tools, and LeadBox – an automated lead capture system for Facebook. Retailers can specify how many tools they deploy, and for which sites and brands, to suit their requirements and resources.

The system can provide controlled levels of user access so, for example, different campaigns can be managed and evaluated by a centralised marketing team across a group, or by staff at individual locations.

The Facebook advertising functionality within SocialStock enables businesses to better target their social media marketing at potential conquest customers. Dealers can create personalised adverts targeting very specific audiences, and seamlessly use them to populate Facebook Marketplace to target those actively looking to buy. Crucially, it enables multi-brand sites and larger dealers groups to run concurrent Facebook marketing campaigns for multiple brands across the same channel without duplicating the target audience.

Our LeadBox system records customer enquiries captured via targeted Facebook adverts, sending customers’ details directly to the sales team to act upon. LeadBox provides a cost-effective and highly efficient way of managing social media leads across existing lead management platforms.

After conducting research we found that 36% of customer prospects who had been registered as ‘lost’ leads by sales staff at franchised dealerships across the UK were still looking to buy a vehicle. Of those still looking to buy, vehicle availability was cited by 39% of all ‘lost lead’ customers as the primary reason for them not progressing to a sale with the dealer. Had they been updated about relevant new stock arriving at the dealership, they would have re-engaged.

Social media and eCRM have never been more important to car dealers in the UK, with more and more buyers seeking to interact with dealers digitally. We already offer a range of different tools to help dealers capitalise on the many opportunities presented by social media. Bringing everything together under the SocialStock banner means dealers and dealer groups can access a simple, streamlined platform that can be tailored to best meet their social media marketing needs.


Posted July 17, 2019 by Gee Kettle