Crowborough Girls’ Rugby Teams Tackle a Successful Season

Crowborough Rugby Club’s girls’ teams, formed in 2017, are celebrating a season marked by continued momentum in competition on the pitch, and sponsorship support from us here at Marketing Delivery. The 2018/19 season gave women and girls from across Kent and East Sussex the opportunity to get involved in rugby, learn and develop their skills and gain some valuable real-world match experience.

Crowborough Rugby Club formed a section for girls in 2017, to open the primarily male-dominated sport of rugby to local women and girls of all ages. Since then, the under-13, under-15 and under-18 teams have all added enthusiastic new members, taking part in games and tournaments across the South East.

The 2018/19 season saw Crowborough enter all age groups into XRugby7 tournaments, with the players’ skill levels gaining universal praise and recognition, particularly through Sussex Rugby pathway programmes and county development squads where the club is well represented. This year several players have also been nominated for ‘Most Improved Player’ awards.

Marketing Delivery’s support of the girls’ club continues into next season, and with the teams continuing to go from strength-to-strength, 2019/20 is predicted to be another successful season for the club on and off the pitch.

Sharon Green, Head of Girls’ Rugby at Crowborough Rugby Club, commented: “It’s been great to see the girls improve their skills and derive so much satisfaction from regular participation. For me, the highlight is always seeing them develop their team ethos whilst also making lots of new friends. Thanks as always to Marketing Delivery, this is just the kind of backing that makes such a difference to fledgeling teams like ours. Bring on next season!”

Jeremy Evans, Managing Director at Marketing Delivery, added: “As a rugby fan, it is a privilege for us to support this local initiative, as we feel rugby for women and girls is a cause that really needs to be championed. It’s clear that programmes like this go beyond just health benefits – they help young people get involved in sport, boost confidence levels, and engage youngsters with the local community.”

The success of the Crowborough girls’ teams has been aided by the use of England Rugby’s XRugby7 format, which enables players to develop their rugby skillset, but in an environment suited to smaller groups. XRugby7 is played on half of a standard-size pitch, but players still take part in full contact rugby, including the use of tackles, scrums and rucks.

Posted July 2, 2019 by Gee Kettle