KIA Approves Marketing Delivery for aftersales CRM

We are delighted to have gained approval from KIA for its dealers to use the our CRM and Social Media programmes.

KIA dealers will be able to take advantage of a suite of triggered email, SMS and social communications generated by Marketing Delivery, built around DMS data received daily.

Paul Hunter, Service Development Manager at KIA commented, “The After-Sales environments of Kia dealers are changing rapidly, primarily due to the greater retail opportunity arising from the rapid growth in the 0-5 year vehicle parc. Many of our dealers are looking for new ways to proactively engage with the increased number of prospects at the right time.”

Managing director of Marketing Delivery, Jeremy Evans said “This is a very cost effective and flexible route for businesses that need to increase outbound activity at a modest cost and without an increase in headcount. We are delighted to have been chosen by KIA to assist it’s dealer network at such an exciting time.”

Marketing Delivery will be commencing a series of dealer visits and road-shows to showcase the programmes and discuss requirements. It is expected the first dealers will go live during Q4.

Posted September 12, 2014 by admin