AM Digital Dealer Conference

We were delighted to be the headline sponsor at the AM Digital Dealer conference 2014. The interest and feedback from our workshop sessions  was fantastic and were able to move the conversation on with dealers from last year’s event.

Jeremy and the team ran two interactive workshops talking about CRM and Social Media, as well as being on hand to chat to dealers.

The car dealer customer of 2014 is a complex creature, moving seamlessly between digital and “traditional” communications, but using the most up to date devices, expecting the most punctual of response and the highest level of personal service.

We have seen the emergence of Social Media as part of these communications, both as a customer service channel for sharing the good and the bad news, and for enabling potential customers to seek the advice and approval on their on-line community before deciding where their next purchase comes from.

Email has never been more popular, with over 50% being opened on a mobile device so the best messages are being delivered in the right format for these devices, better still are “responsive” to display according to the screen they appear on.

We explored the range of communications customers are engaging in and helped the delegates understand the need to be flexible, dynamic and responsive, for the benefit of their customers and, ultimately, their business.

Amongst the high tech devices, data warehousing and intelligent systems, sits a customer who controls it all, largely through a mobile ‘phone or tablet. The customer is a real person and often wishes to speak to another real person as well – after they’ve been reminded digitally.

For full details of the conference, visit the website.

Posted July 10, 2014 by admin