People are still the magic ingredient in the digital age

At the heart of a ‘digital dealership’ are two distinct groups of real people – customers and colleagues.

The digital environment makes it easier for customers to research potential purchases and for dealers to stay in touch. From the data capture of a new customer’s details, to the timely response to an incoming online enquiry, or a social media post, the digital tools available are only as good as the people involved.

Personality is critical

For a dealership spending most of its budget online, a “personality” is essential to stand out from the crowd of other dealers competing with identikit websites, similar offers, and matching Adwords campaigns.

People manage online systems

It’s all about people, and that means training, feedback, coaching and development. Whether it’s technical expertise to operate systems to ensure that quality data in can be translated into quality digital output, or process training to enable the right communications to be delivered at the right time, getting the human element right will make the digital marketing work much more effectively, delight the customers, translating into improved conversion and better retention.

The power of the personal touch

We work with dealers across the country improving their CRM (customer relationship management) and their social media (social = people) activity. The most successful have well trained, valued people who enjoy helping their customers.

Technology doesn’t replace people, it can enhance and support by showcasing the personality of a dealership. With manufacturers often forcing dealerships into identical websites, and controlling more and more of the marketing messages, opportunities to project an individual dealership personality must be taken and that starts with the people at the sharp end. People are the essence of a business, how genuine and trustworthy it is.

After all, people buy from people.

Posted December 27, 2013 by admin