You know about CRM. But what about SRM?

Social Relationship Management bundles up all of those digital efforts that go in to modern day customer relationship management.

Have you noticed how you now receive an email for communications previously received via post? That’s e-CRM.

Now, have you noticed that you now receive a Facebook Advertisement for communications previously received via email? That’s SRM.

We’ve known for a while now that sometimes it takes more than one reminder to complete a call to action, that could be a service reminder a month before it’s due and then a follow up reminder two weeks prior.

But now we’re thinking about multichannel chase-ups.screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-17-20-34-copy

Through SRM your customers will receive not only an email reminder but a social media one too.

Users frequently visiting Facebook and Instagram throughout the day will now see subtle messages reminding them that they have a service / MOT due – or even inspire them to keep looking for that perfect used car in stock.

Social Advertising gives us a range of formats to display your messages in a subtle but eye-catching way and all results are analysable.

It’s Data Driven Marketing every step of the way.