SmartMail – Mobile Email, SMS and Social Media System

Using Email and SMS for promotional activity has to be the most cost effective way of reaching a wide audience. It’s also reliable and completely measurable – open rates, bounce rates, click through rates – it’s all there in black and white (actually red and green).

Add in the ability to send updates to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts at the same time and you have a powerful platform to deliver promotional messages to your customers.

We can either build your Email templates and campaigns for you or set up an account, train you and let you loose on your own – with our support of course!


The template builder is built to deliver fully mobile responsive Emails to your customers, and you don’t have to be a programming genius to operate it!

Want to send an Email to those customers you have the address for, with an SMS to those you don’t, or to those who don’t open the email? No problem!

Want to trigger an alert or a follow up message if a customer completes an action – clicks a link, opens a web form for example – again, no problem.

Want to generate web forms you can use on your website to manage new enquiries, all possible using SmartMail.