The Marketing Delivery Mobile CRM programme moves with the times

Using our SmartMail system to send Mobile responsive Email, SMS and Social Media updates working together, triggering automatic follow up messages based on the actions taken by the recipients, we keep dealers in touch with their customers.


We now pull data automatically from MLM / eGood Manners, Fastrack, Contact Advantage, DealerWeb, Reef, ADP Kerridge Autoline and Ebbon Dacs. That data is used to trigger all sorts of messages to improve sales conversion, CSI, accessory sales, service retention, you name it!

With open rates of up to 60%, response rates of up to 15% – that’s active response, not just click through – we are engaging with customers in the most cost effective ways for dealerships up and down the country on their computers, tablets and mobile phones.

SmartMail Social – our Facebook module which publishes customer CSI scores and comments to a dealer Facebook page, we are allowing the good news about our clients’ dealerships to be spread on Social Media. The scores and comments come from the email and SMS follow up messages sent from Sales or Service activity.

We also use the data for traditional media – direct mail is triggered as part of the CRM plan and a telemarketing portal with script prompt is also available, again using the same data that drives the email and SMS messages.