Can we call Facebook Messenger a Social Platform yet?

We recently published an article called The Future of Social Media where we predicted a number of changes within Social Media. These included ‘WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger used as social platforms’.

We have been seeing closer integration with Facebook Messenger and Facebook Advertising but todays App update fully supports our theory with the introduction of ‘Stories’ on the Messenger App titled ‘My day’. This is also a feature that has recently been added to WhatsApp, giving users the ability to update their status.

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The Future of Social Media

You’ve heard us talk about the maturing of social media, but with such a fast-paced industry it’s crucial to keep an eye on what’s coming next. With that in mind, we’ve decided to put together some Marketing Delivery predictions on the future of social media.

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The Maturing of Social Media

You will probably be familiar with the phrase ‘Six degrees of separation’, but it’s now clear that – with the rise of social media – the number of ‘steps’ that connect us all has decreased significantly. A number of studies suggest that this is now just three degrees of separation or, as it is sometimes stated, ‘Three degrees of connection’.

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Social Media – Dealers’ Options

We’ve met with lots of dealer groups recently to talk about social media. Without exception, all realise they have to get involved because their customers are doing it. Some want to go the whole way with a full location-based presence, some want to go by franchise, some by an easy-to-manage single group presence. What’s the right way?

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Facebook is for dating, websites are for mating!

How does Social Media fit in with a car dealers’ online marketing plan?

One thing is for sure, dealers simply cannot choose not to participate in social media anymore. Even though more time is spent on Facebook than any other website, many dealers seem unaware of the importance of Facebook in their digital marketing strategy.

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